Franchising and Technology

As technology continually advances it is important for franchisors to stay on track with updates and advances. Updated technology makes many aspects of running a business easier for the franchisees, and even the franchisors.

With custom software packages, franchisors will have an advantage. For example, one crucial piece of software is a mapping program, which allows franchisors to create and map out territories for all franchisees. This greatly benefits franchisees because, as a franchisee, you want the best possible territory and this mapping technology allows for the most current demographics.

Custom software may also be available for the franchisee to use once they open for business. Packages for payroll, billing and customer relations are very commonly used. This not only streamlines the way all franchisees do things but also makes it easier for them to jump right into running a business.

There is also technology that is being used that is purely internet based. Programs like cloud allow all information to be stored on the internet and accessed by anyone who is authorized. Another web based technology in use is an intranet, a back end where franchisees, the franchisor and, sometimes, even customers are able to communicate.

As technology continues to advance, it is important that franchisors keep up with current technologies.

Executive Care provides custom software packages to franchisees, and also trains each franchisee on how to use the software.  For more information about an Executive Care Franchise, visit

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