Franchising and Job Creation

Even in a tough economy, franchising has the ability to create jobs all across the country. The decline of jobs in corporate America has left many without jobs, leaving business veterans in search of new opportunities.

This is where franchising comes in. With so many franchises available, there are opportunities for everyone. Not only do the business veterans find opportunities for themselves, by opening a franchise, they create more jobs for others.  Each franchise that opens can create dozens of jobs. No matter what the industry, each franchise will need employees.

According to Moody’s Analytics, franchising has provided about 10% of new job growth over the past year, which created over 8 million jobs, and also created $2.1 trillion in economic output.

Job opportunities can be difficult to come by today, but franchising offers jobs and careers to so many people in the U.S. With constant yearly growth, franchising ma be the answer for anyone looking for a job in a difficult economy or anyone looking for a change in careers.

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