4 Tips for Elderly Home Care Business Success

Elderly home care businesses are booming across America as the Baby Boomers continue to settle into their Golden Years, driving up the demand for in-home care services. In today’s post, the Executive Home Care family shares 4 tips for elderly home care business success amidst a competitive but lucrative market climate!

  • Offer shopping and errand assistance services. Not every visit to the hospital requires open-heart surgery, and not every individual needs intensive homecare. But that doesn’t mean you should limit your opportunities to assist your community and expand your clientele.At Executive Home Care, we believe that the best way to serve aging Americans and support our franchise family is to offer comprehensive care at all levels. We’ve developed a full suite of care services that can accommodate almost any client need.

    Our Companionship services make sure to include shopping and errand assistance for our clients. Some aging seniors prefer not to leave their homes often or are unable to drive, while others are too on-the-go to make time for these basic errands. Whatever the case, the our elderly home care business believes that no client need is too small.

    These basic, non-intrusive services also give our caregivers a chance to introduce themselves to aging family members who will require additional care in the future. It’s a nice way to ease new faces into existing routines, and gives our clients a direct line to upgraded care anytime they need it.

    Elderly home care business competitors who fail to offer these basic services limit their opportunities to meet new client families and forge the kinds of lasting relationships required for holistic care.

  • Offer assistance with bill-paying. From the franchisee’s perspective, all of the same reasons we covered for shopping and errand assistance apply here. There’s simply no reason not to offer an introductory, low-level, and affordable form of living support like this. Many seniors can use help staying on top of their bills, especially as memory issues begin to emerge over time. Offering this “entry level” service gives seniors the help they need, while you expand your client connections and form the bedrock for future care relationships.
  • Organize and optimize your behind-the-scenes processes. Routine office work like bookkeeping, taxes, and invoicing usually falls to the bottom of our to-do lists, especially when there’s so much more to be passionate about in this field beyond number-crunching. That said, it’s a necessary evil for elderly home care business success. If you want to boost your bottom line, secure your future, and establish clear revenue growth goals, organizing and optimizing your behind-the-scenes processes is key. Executive Home Care franchisees benefit from an established system of operations that makes the administrative side of things as simple as punching in your unique information, but many self-starters lack this tremendous asset.
  • Demand the best from your staff. Most purchase decisions are made based on emotion, and when it comes to choosing which elderly home care business is going to care for your loved ones, that emotion is trust. The best way to support the success of your elderly home care business is to build trust, and that means rigorous staff screening along with close supervision. The Executive Home Care family vets, trains, licenses, bonds, and supervises all staff, and that’s why so many aging Americans trust our brand.

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