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Who Is Executive Home Care and How Do We Fit into the Senior Care Franchise Sphere?

By: Executive Home Care

When it comes to investing in a senior care franchise, it’s important to partner with a brand that actually pays close attention to that second word — carebecause not all of them do. Executive Home Care was founded on the idea that no one, no matter what their age, but especially the elderly, should be without the benefit of compassionate and genuine human interaction. Through our comprehensive suite of services, we strive to improve the lives of our clients, their families, and our franchisees. Here, we’ll take a brief look at the Executive Home Care story, how we’ve grown, and what it is about our brand that makes us a standout in a competitive industry.

Helping a Senior Neighbor

At the heart of the Executive Home Care senior care franchise brand is the belief that senior citizens deserve to feel safe and secure at all times, especially in their own homes. Our founders started the brand as a result of having cared for an elderly neighbor on an emergency basis, and they quickly realized how important it is for the elderly to be able to rely on consistent and dependable care, something that is sadly not always available to them. It was a life-changing experience for our founders, so much so that offering compassionate, comprehensive senior care became their calling. The first Executive Home Care office was opened in 2004, and nine years later, the first franchise location was awarded. Since then, we’ve been recognized by prestigious industry publications like Entrepreneur Magazine and Franchise Times as a premier investment opportunity, one that allows you to be in business for yourself but never by yourself.

A Full Suite of Services

Executive Home Care is a full-service brand, meaning we offer a suite of services that are essential to enabling the elderly to live safely and comfortably at home for as long as possible while providing peace of mind to their family. When you open your very own Executive Home Care franchise, you’ll be able to offer members of your community:

  • Companionship care
  • Homemaking services
  • Personal care
  • Live-in care
  • Specialized care
  • Supplemental staffing

These important and valuable revenue streams will allow you to not just earn a meaningful living but feel good about going to work every day. Best of all, because we make sure our franchisees see comprehensive pre-opening training and ongoing support,  just about anyone can take advantage of our offering, regardless of past experience.

The work we do as a brand and as people matters to us and to our franchisees. It’s our emphasis on care that sets us apart from the competition, and that has made us an award-winning name in the senior care sphere. Are you ready to make a name for yourself in your community, too?

To find out more about a franchise opportunity with Executive Home Care, reach out today!

Executive Homecare is a leading senior care franchise.

If you’re ready to be your own boss and are looking for a way to add meaning to your life while building a meaningful career, look no further than Executive Home Care. We’re a leader in the senior home care industry, and when you partner with us to open your senior care services franchise, you’ll be helping senior citizens in your community live comfortably and safely in their own homes while providing peace of mind to their families.

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