3 Reasons to Buy an In Home Care Franchise in 2017

In today’s post, the Executive Care team shares some personal and economic reasons to get involved in senior care. Read on to learn 3 reasons you should buy an in-home care franchise in 2017.

Senior Populations Swell With No Signs Of Stopping

Since 2011, more than 7,000 people have been aging past 65 every single day. Courtney (2008) predicts that the size of this demographic will increase by upwards of 54% between 2000 and 2020 (p. 76). For the very first time in history, the number of people over 65 will exceed the child population.

Furthermore, people over 85 represent the nation’s fastest-growing population segment. The need for qualified homecare providers is growing along with them, and that bodes well for in-home care franchise owners in 2017.

Because the senior care industry is so much about trust between caregiver and client, it behooves entrepreneurs to get started in this sector as soon as possible, so that relationships can be built within the community. With its streamlined start-up process, ongoing support, and establish brand reputation, franchising with Executive Care is an excellent way to get started in this industry before it’s too late.

In Home Care Franchise Ownership Is A Career You Can Feel Good About

Finding work that is as financially rewarding as it is good for the soul isn’t easy, but that’s what owning an in-home care franchise is all about.

Beyond the return on investment, operating an Executive Care franchise makes life better for families, their loved ones, and healthcare workers. For families, you provide a way to alleviate stress and worry about their aging loved ones, and free up family time for memory-making rather than care-taking.

For our clients, in-home care franchise services provide significant boosts to quality of life, leading to better mental, physical, and emotional patient outcomes (Smith et al., 2005). Of course, in-home care franchises also bring great jobs to the community, giving registered nurses and qualified caregivers the means to earn a living and practice the skills they’ve developed through years of training.

Simply put, there are a lot of reasons to feel good about franchising with Executive Care.

In Home Care Franchises Are Considered To Be One Of The Best Investments For The Future

Buying an in home care franchise means establishing yourself within an industry that economists are predicting will be both resilient and rewarding. Not only is the senior care industry predicted to pass $300-billion in revenue by 2020, but it’s completely unaffected by recession – people get old and require care, no matter what state the economy is in.


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Smith, A. A., Carusone, S. B. C., Willison, K., Babineau, T. J., Smith, S. D., Abernathy, T., & Loeb, M. (2005). Hospitalization and emergency department visits among seniors receiving homecare: a pilot study. BMC geriatrics, 5(1), 9.

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