Why Start a Private Home Care Business with Executive Care

Today’s post offers 4 reasons why so many business owners will be investing in the homecare industry in 2018.

Read on to learn why entrepreneurs are flocking to senior care opportunities, and how to start a private home care business with Executive Care’s award-winning team.

Reason #1 – Resilient demand for services

Unless we find the Fountain of Youth sometime soon, old age is here to stay, which means there will always be a need for general senior care services.

Moreover, as medical science and the study of nutrition continue to evolve, lifespans are increasing, resulting in a greater demand for specialized care. According to research from the Social Work in Health Care journal, the over-80 population will increase from 3.8% of the population to 5.3% by 2030 (Spitzer et al., 2004, p. 21).

Simply put, your Executive Care investment will continue to pay off for the foreseeable future.

Reason #2 – America’s senior boom means unprecedented market growth

The growth of senior care business clientele has never been greater, owed largely to the Baby Boomers collectively aging past 65 over the next few decades.

The “Greying of America” is underway. Between now and 2030, the number of individuals aged 65 or older will have increased by 75%, accounting for 1 in 5 of the US population; by 2050, there will be nearly 90-million American senior citizens requiring care.

Bottom-line: 2017 is the perfect time to get started in senior care.

Reason #3 – The Executive Advantage puts senior care business success in reach of anyone

Our franchise system makes it easy for entrepreneurs to generate impressive ROIs, even in an unfamiliar industry. With the help of our premium training program, streamlined startup process, and ongoing support systems, business-minded people from any career background can meet and exceed their career goals.

Find out more about the Executive Advantages.

Reason 4 – You’re a good fit!

Though the Executive Care system works for entrepreneurs from any career background, there are some common characteristics that we look for in new franchisees:

  • Are you self-disciplined? Though you’re part of a supportive franchise system, the onus is still on you to capture leads, maintain high care standards, and coordinate your staff.
  • Are you business-minded? You won’t necessarily need to be on the front lines of your business, but knowing how to manage staff and delegate responsibilities will be key.
  • Are you a people person? We can tell you exactly how to start a private home care business and support you every step of the way, but it’ll all be for nothing if you don’t have a genuine interest in helping others. Senior care is a business of care, trust, and personal relationships.
  • Do you have the resources? Expect to sacrifice time, energy, and focus as you work through your franchise training. Moreover, you’ll need sufficient startup capital.

If you identify with this personality profile, why not learn more about how to start a private home care business as a member of our franchise family?

Senior care is a thriving, resilient market, and homecare industry workers are badly needed.

Request your free franchise information kit today and find out how you can take advantage of this opportunity and start making a difference with Executive Care.


Spitzer, W. J., Neuman, K., & Holden, G. (2004). The coming of age for assisted living care: New options for senior housing and social work practice. Social Work in Health Care, 38(3), 21-45.

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