Why Get Involved with Executive Care? Home Health Care Business Profit Analysis

Today’s post sets the laws of supply and demand in motion for a look at home health care business profits.

America’s senior population is growing like never before, creating unprecedented demand for care services.

Entrepreneurs have always used the laws of supply and demand to help sniff out promising business opportunities. Generally, a low supply and high demand mean high profit margins for providers of the product or service in question, and that’s a perfect description of the state of the senior care market.

A quick look at America’s population metrics leaves no doubt that senior care services are in higher demand than ever before. This year, almost 4-million Americans will turn 65, and this number will continue to grow at an astonishing rate for the next two decades as the Baby Boomers age into their 60s, 70s, and 80s. Known as the “Greying of America,” this phenomenon will push our senior population to new heights. Between 2010 and 2030, the population of senior citizens is projected to increase by 75%, meaning 1 in 5 Americans – an estimated 69-million individuals – will be requiring care. By 2050, this number will increase to an estimated 88.5-million.

As America’s senior population swells, the demand for senior care services rises accordingly, outpacing the supply by a wide margin. Though America’s nursing segment is the fastest-growing workforce in the country, the Atlantic reports that 1.2-million job vacancies will emerge for registered nurses between 2014 and 2022.

Senior care providers will see a particularly sharp rise in the demand for specialized and intensive care services. At the global level, the average yearly growth rate for people aged 80 or older is currently twice as high as that charted for those 60 and over. This means there are more 80+ year-old seniors than ever before, and their numbers are expected to increase fourfold over the next 50 years. As these 80+ senior populations continue to increase, so too will the demand for specialized and intensive care for chronic conditions, disabilities, mental health issues, and mobility problems.

The laws of supply and demand support the likelihood of big home health care business profit, especially for those who get involved with established systems to minimize their startup costs and ramp-up time.

Reap home health care business profits sooner with streamlined start-up and proven systems.

One of the major challenges that senior care business owners will face is surviving the start-up process – the market is profitable once you’re up and running, but pulling a new company out of the red isn’t easy. First-timers typically spend too much time and investment money learning the ropes and making mistakes without any guidance. Moreover, since senior care is such a trust-based service, profitability usually comes after a lengthy waiting period while you establish your business reputation locally.

Partnering with Executive Care minimizes this start-up process, empowers you with top-tier training, and pushes you past the competition with a combination of local marketing systems and a trusted national brand reputation. Moreover, Executive Care offers a diverse care services suite to enhance your ROI with the maximum number of revenue streams. Whether you want to focus on more general or specialized forms of care is up to you, but Executive Care’s proven system gives you the tools and training to do it all.

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