What Is The Best State To Start A Home Health Care Business?

What is the Best State to Start a Home Health Care Business?

With the “Graying of America” well underway, you can start a profitable home health care business in any state. Today’s post explains why our business is in high demand across the country, and how to get started with Executive Care.

Home Health Care Businesses Needed In All 50 States

Since seniors are our primary target market, one way to determine the best state to start a home health care business is to look at demographic data. Any state with a large senior population will have a high demand for home health care services.

For instance, according to a 2018 U.S. Census Bureau report, the top-3 oldest states are:

  1. Maine, with 276,000 residents over the age of 65, or 20.6% of the total population.
  2. Florida, with 4.3-million residents over the age of 65, or 20.5% of the total population.
  3. West Virginia, with 360,000 residents over the age of 65, or 19.9% of the total population

Starting a home health care business in any of these states will get you access to high levels of local demand for senior care services.

But if you dig deeper into the demographic data, you’ll soon realize home health care businesses are spoiled for choice—that is, just about every state is now “going gray,” with thousands of adults aging past 65 every single day, making home health care businesses viable just about anywhere.

For instance, even Texas, ranked #48 by the US Census based on the overall percentage of seniors, is home to more than 3.6-million older adults. If you use senior population size and density as your search criteria, you really can’t go wrong with any state—America’s senior care needs are universal.

Home Health Care Businesses Needed In Both Rural And Suburban Areas

If given the choice, most people would probably choose to set up their business in suburban areas, where population densities are higher. But there’s more to consider.

A new study on the health of Americans age 65 and older highlights the growing demand for senior care services in rural areas. The United Health Foundation’s America’s Health Rankings Senior Report, cited by the AARP, found that rural-dwelling seniors experience worse health, more falls, greater levels of social isolation, and worse access to support than those living in the suburbs.

The report reaffirms what gerontologists and demographers have known for nearly a decade: rural seniors need support, and badly.

In light of these findings, the choice between rural and suburban areas might not be as simple as once thought. While rural home health care businesses may have lower sales volume due to smaller populations, they also have greater demand on the whole. Moreover, rural areas may have more affordable brick-and-mortar offices and lifestyles that translate to bigger bottom-lines.

The main takeaway is much the same as the previous section: home health business start-ups are spoiled for choice. Whether you opt for a rural or suburban business, you’re going to find unprecedented service demand.

Start A Home Health Care Business With Executive Care

Executive Care simplifies start-up in any state, and we have protected territories available across the country. To learn more about how to start a profitable home health care business in any state, visit the Executive Care website or call 1-855-393-2372.

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