What is Franchise Conversion?

Franchise conversion is the process where an independent company, successful or not, accepts the opportunity to convert their business into a franchise.

The age of mom and pop shops has basically ended, and has been replaced with franchises. Franchising has become a popular option for people looking to start a business because it is much easier than jumping in blind. Franchising has steps, methods and guidelines in place.

But what if you do own a small business? Most small businesses today are in direct competition with larger franchised companies. These larger companies have larger budgets and more exposure so they can take quite a bit of business away. If your small business is struggling, conversion might be a good option. Conversion allows you to keep your business but gives you guidelines and steps for success.

If you own a struggling home care agency, a conversion to an Executive Care franchise might right for you. To learn more about Executive Care franchises, click here. For more information about conversion, please contact Robert at Robert@executivehomecare.com

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