Ways You Can Support Your Employees

Ways You Can Support Your Employees | Executive Care


One of the most important aspects of any franchise is its employees—without them, there’s just no way things would be able to run smoothly.

You can invest in your employees by being sure to provide the best possible support for them in the workplace, which is something that can take on many different forms.

Supporting Your Employees

Not sure where to begin when it comes to supporting your staff? A great place to start on the support front is from the date of hire. Be sure you are providing quality training from day one. You can do this by:

  • Clearly detailing the duties of the job and your expectations for them
  • Providing them on-the-clock reading time to become familiar with business operations and other key materials
  • Giving examples of how things should be done
  • Making sure they are not being overwhelmed

Proper training is the first step to success for not only the employee, but also your business. After all, you want a knowledgeable and skilled staff, right?

When asked what a great manager does so that employees can excel at their jobs, seven different managers answered with these things:

  • Motivate and inspire them.
  • Encourage them to become their own leaders.
  • Always be available.
  • Discover/uncover their strengths.
  • Stay humble.
  • Always listen.
  • Provide feedback that is helpful and will inspire growth.

These tips should not be difficult; in fact, they may be some of the easier things that come with owning your own franchise.

You’ll want to be sure that the idea of respect starts with you, and you should model it throughout the work day. Ask yourself these questions periodically:

  • Are you being truthful with your employees and someone they trust?
  • Is the feedback you’re providing insightful, inspiring and not coming from a place of malevolence?
  • Are you making sure each employee knows he or she is valued and appreciated?
  • Are you able to accept feedback/criticism when it occurs?

To have a successful franchise experience, you’ll want to bring in the brightest and best to work for you. Keeping them around without providing the necessary support can be an impossible task, but fortunately, that support is not difficult to give.

When you’re picking a franchise, it’s important to find one that will support you along the way. If you’re curious about how Executive Care works with its franchise owners, reach out to us today!

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