Starting a Home Care Agency: Stress-Busting with the Executive Advantage

Like any new business venture, starting a home care agency can be stressful. But unlike most other startups, Executive Care offers targeted, custom solutions and support channels to help simplify the most daunting problems that might arise.

Today’s post looks at how the “Executive Advantage” stress-busts 3 of the most common startup stressors, as outlined in Entrepreneur writer Jayson DeMers’ list of “Things That Stress Out Entrepreneurs More Than Anything.”

  • Access to capital.

    “Capital is what keeps the business going,” DeMers says. “Even if the business is profitable on paper, you still need enough cash flow to pay your workers and pay your bills.”

    Executive Care’s startup investment is highly competitive. Starting a home care agency is possible for as little as $99,750 to $151,000. Low start-up costs like this make it easy to keep money aside and retain access to capital as needed. But this investment also factors in the need for access to capital – that’s why $44,500 to $68,300 of the aforementioned investment is allotted for “additional funds/working capital.” Moreover, your startup investment includes prepaid rent, security deposits, and office improvements, as well as the advertising expenses required for your grand opening.

    In other words, we not only control startup costs, but also guarantee your access to capital early on. That’s the Executive Advantage in action.

  • Being the bottleneck.

    When you’re solely responsible for planning and executing the tasks required for your company’s development, “bottleneck stress” can set in.

    “When your team is waiting for you to make a decision, approve a deliverable, or complete some other task before members can move forward with their responsibilities, the pressure rises rapidly until those duties are fulfilled,” DeMers writes.

    But that’s simply not the case if you’re starting a home care agency with Executive Care. There is no bottleneck effect because our system is laid out and streamlined from start to finish. Once you’ve completed the Steps to Ownership, you move right into our structured training and support system. You run your business out of our successful playbook, and leave the “bottleneck stress” for our main franchisors to worry about.

  • Staying strong as a leader.

    “As the leader of your organization, it’s your job to remain calm, positive, and contained, even when your company is in crisis mode,” DeMers says. This is especially true in the senior care industry, where customers and staff turn to you for support and comfort in times of need, and every case must be handled with utter compassion.

    Any job can challenge your strength as a leader, but few have the kind of support services that Executive Care offers. Starting a home care agency with us means getting access to round-the-clock coaching, pep talks, and troubleshooting from other members of our franchise family, in addition to regularly scheduled visits to your location to assist you and your team in your franchise territory.

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