Starting a Home Care Agency: 2 Ways It’s Easier Than You’d Expect

Starting a Home Care Agency: 2 Ways It’s Easier Than You’d Expect

You’re thinking of starting a home care agency, but are daunted by the prospect of building a business from scratch. Don’t stress! In today’s post, we explain how starting a home care agency is easier than you might think with the Executive Home Care family.

Understanding the Executive Home Care Advantage

Executive Home Care’s proven training and support systems put starting a home care agency within reach of anyone. Drawing from over a decade of senior care experience to inform our program design, our franchise offers the following options for training and continuing education:

  • Pre-opening planning and business development. We make on-boarding easy with a comprehensive program walking you through the key elements of opening and operating a successful home healthcare business. We will address everything from pre-opening preparations to long-term planning strategies.
  • Initial franchise training. Our proven one-week training instructional and hands-on training program will polish your existing abilities and shore up any gaps in your skillset to prepare you for senior care success.
  • Team development and continuing education. Our franchisees have 24/7 access to online training materials. Progress through modules and webinars to further your education and position your franchise as a leader in the industry.
  • Back-office training and support. Unfamiliar with the daily operations of a senior care business? We’ve developed exclusive software that guides you through sales, account development, marketing, operations, and technical support.

Starting a Home Care Agency – Made Simple from the Start

One of the most attractive aspects of partnering with an established home care agency like ours is the fact that every aspect of our business process is structured and streamlined. As a result, our franchisees can start generating a return on investment faster than independent business owners, who have to develop their own methods through costly trial-and-errors.

Structuring our start-up process also allows us to save prospects time during their research phase. We’ve developed a clean and concise information package, as well as an efficient approach to introductory calls and consultations, which means you’ll figure out whether or not the Executive Home Care family is right for you fast.

To give you an idea of what to expect when you inquire about starting a home care agency, here’s a peek at our start-up process:

  • First, we get to know you and tell you a little bit about the values we stand for during introduction call. This is where we discuss your goals, and whether or not the Executive Home Care team is a good fit.
  • Next, we delve into the details of why the senior care industry is such a smart investment option during our Executive Care Business and Industry Review. At this stage, we’ll also tell you all you need to know about operating costs, start-up expenses, and team-building, and give you access to our Franchise Disclosure Document. This is the point where prospects either become franchise family members, or decide to move onto another brand option.
  • Once you’ve decided to commit to our brand, you’ll begin to familiarize yourself with our operating systems during our Operations, Training and Support Call. This one call will cover everything from pre-opening programs to how to contact our team for on-site coaching visits.
  • The fourth step is to input your unique information into our proven demographics formula to find the right location as part of our Territory Development process.

Once you’ve decided on a territory, you’ve essentially finished your pre-opening phase obligations, and can speak with our franchisees, participate in a sales and marketing overview, meet the team, and begin your training.

As you can see, our step-by-step start-up process strips away any stress, helping you to realize your dreams of starting a home care agency with a fully transparent, easy-to-plan-around approach.

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