Why Partner with the Executive Home Care Franchise in 2017?

Why Partner with the Executive Home Care Franchise in 2017

It can be a little demoralizing to wake up every morning and work your fingers to the bone so that somebody else’s dream can come true – especially if you’ve been doing it for decades. Why not take the reins and realize your vision of owning your own business?

The senior care industry is a great place to turn your entrepreneurial dream into reality. With more than 20% of the American population projected to age past 65 by 2020, the demand for in-home care services has never been higher. It’s the perfect time to get in on the ground floor of a healthcare sector that economists predict will lead the charge in revenue growth for years to come. The work is profitable and rewarding, and the demand is there – why not give us a call?

If owning a senior care franchise sounds like something you’d be interested in, the Executive Home Care Franchise is an excellent option. In today’s post, we address common concerns one-by-one and explain why it makes sense to partner with our franchise family in 2017.

Why partner with the Executive Home Care franchise?

Partnering with our franchise family offers a number of benefits to prospective business owners:

  • We’re more than just a senior care company – we’re a full-service home health care provider that offers both medical and non-medical care. This means we can help more members of our communities, and ensure our franchisees have multiple revenue streams open.
  • We offer large, protected territories for our franchisees. Each territory has roughly 500,000 residents to support your business.
  • Our franchise system is anchored by a robust technology platform that makes scheduling, billing, payroll, and client care easy.
  • Our marketing assets are well-funded and nationally established.
  • We offer low start-up costs for prospective franchisees.
  • Our training system produces proven results that can equip anybody with the skills they need to stay competitive in this growing industry.
  • Our brand is trusted and recognized in America.
  • Our franchise family is expanding rapidly, with new locations opening up across the nation. You can view press releases celebrating some of our most recent developments at https://executivehomecarefranchise.com/category/press-releases/.

What if I have no relevant senior care experience?

Some of the most successful Executive Home Care franchise owners first approached our franchise system with no industry-relevant experience. So long as you have the motivation, drive, and knowledge to work towards your goals, you will excel within our franchise system.

The Executive Home Care franchise has over a decade of in-home senior care success, and we’ve distilled our hard-earned knowledge into a proven training system. Our training is high-quality and comprehensive, with program options to accommodate every level of skill and experience. We guide and support you through everything from pre-opening planning to back-office training so that you’re never left with the stress of guesswork.

Don’t let your lack of senior care experience hold you back from a spiritually and financially rewarding career!

What if there are no opportunities in my area?

Senior care is in-demand everywhere, and the Executive Home Care franchise has great markets available nationwide. We have both single and multi-unit franchise opportunities available in a number of territories. You can view our complete list of available territories at https://executivehomecarefranchise.com/our-opportunity/available-markets/.

Where can I learn more about franchising with Executive Home Care?

Visit https://executivehomecarefranchise.com to request a free franchise information package, or give us a call at 1-(855)-393-2372.

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