How to Start Your Own Healthcare Business for Under $200,000

How to Start Your Own Healthcare Business for Under $200,000

Want to know how to start your own health business for less than $200,000?

Today’s post is for you. Read on to learn exactly what it costs to start an Executive Care franchise, as well as what that investment gets you and how to book a free consultation with our team.

How To Start Your Own Healthcare Business Under $200,000

The initial investment to start a healthcare business with Executive Care will range between $99,650 and $161,900.

So if you set your budget at $200,000, you’re already ahead of the game. The investment cost is based on varying factors, but you could save 25-50% of the money you set aside upfront!

You may also be eligible for additional discounts on your start-up investment. Executive Care proudly participates in the International Franchise Association’s (IFA) VetFan program by offering veterans a 20% discount on the initial territory fee. And if you ever plan on expanding into a second territory, you’ll qualify for additional discounts. Second territory franchise fees are reduced to $35,900 and third territory fees are reduced to $29,500.

What Is Included In The Start-up Investment?

  • Complete technology platform and web assets. In 2020, senior healthcare business owners need a certain degree of technological fluency. While you don’t need to know how to code or anything like that, you do need to have a professional website, and know how to use software to make scheduling, attendance, payroll, and client communications more efficient. Executive Care franchisees get access to our robust technology platform that covers all aspects of the Executive Care business. And since we’re all using the same software, troubleshooting and tech support are easy.
  • Comprehensive training. Executive Care takes an individualized approach to training to give new owners exactly what skills they need to run their business. Our program includes pre-opening planning and business development; in-class training; marketing, sales, and advertising lessons; sales skill development, and more. In addition, you’ll get ongoing access to training, development, and continuing education resources from the day you sign the franchise agreement to the day you retire!
  • Exclusive territory rights. Our corporate team will work with you to find the best location for your business using state-of-the-art demographics tools. Each territory gets you exclusive Executive Care sales rights to more than 500,000 people.
  • Equipment and supplies. Everything you need, from office supplies to signage, is included in your initial investment.
  • Ongoing support. In addition to guiding you through the training and pre-opening stages, you will have constant access to on-site support, coaching, and remote troubleshooting from our dedicated corporate team. We can also connect directly to your computer to solve any software issues that may be troubling you.
  • Operating capital. We highly recommend having an additional $45,000 to $68,000 in working capital to cover shortfalls or emergencies in the opening months. This chunk of liquid capital is automatically included in the initial investment range.

How To Start Your Own Healthcare Business With Executive Care

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