How To Optimize Elder Home Care Franchise Startup

How To Optimize Elder Home Care Franchise Startup

Research by Fundera suggests that roughly 20% of small businesses fail in the first year. Today’s post is all about how elder home care franchises can optimize startup and avoid becoming a statistic!

Identify Markets Where Elder Home Care Franchises Thrive

Failing to research fertile markets could force you to invest more in advertising, or it could sink your business altogether!

But don’t worry: nowadays it’s tough to go wrong. America is “going grey” en masse, with roughly 10,000 individuals aging past 65 each day, thanks in large part to the Baby Boom cohort. By 2030, 1 in 5 Americans will be over the age of 65 and looking for elder home care franchises like yours to support their aging goals. While there are certainly “hotspots” around the country, we need elder home care franchises all over!

Once again, Executive Care eliminates the guesswork. We only offer elder home care franchises in “fertile” markets with large populations of seniors with healthy household incomes.

Invest In Training And Airtight Hiring Practices

Senior care is a trust-based business where people are your greatest asset. As such, it’s important that you invest caretaker training and airtight hiring practices from day-one. Dissatisfied customers, negative reviews, and bad press have brought plenty of businesses down, especially in the opening months where you’re most vulnerable.

Executive Care franchise owners have nothing to worry about. All owners and staff receive initial and ongoing training that meets exacting national standards. Additionally, our hiring and interview practices ensure that we only work with the very best. All staff are licensed, bonded, and insured, and everyone must undergo comprehensive background checks and reference follow-ups.

Cut Elder Home Care Franchise Start-up Costs Down To Size

The best way to hit that breakeven point sooner is by cutting down your start-up investment. But that’s easier said than done. While spending too much in the pre-opening phase is never a good thing, spending too little is equally problematic.

Cut the guesswork and start saving with Executive Care. Starting an elder home care franchise with Executive Care is much more affordable than starting up on your own. Not only do you save thousands on multidisciplinary training, but our proven process steers you clear of the most common and costly errors that new start-ups make.

Executive Care estimates your initial investment will range between $99,650 and $161,900 which includes your franchise fee, recommended operating capital, and other startup costs.

Learn More About Our Proven Elder Home Care Start-up Process

We have proudly helped entrepreneurs bring their business visions to life since 2004. Find out for yourself what makes our start-ups consistently successful. Call 1 (855) 393-2372 or visit the Executive Care website to book a free consultation with a member of our team.


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