Elderly Care Franchise for Sale: Why Choose Executive Care?

With so many elderly care franchises for sale today, why would an investor consider Executive Care?

Today’s post tackles this question by offering a glimpse at what the “Executive Advantages” is all about. Read on to learn 5 reasons to choose Executive Care in 2018.

  • We’ve been in business since 2004.

    Executive Care opened its doors in 2004, and offered our first elderly care franchise for sale shortly thereafter. That same year, the Social Work in Health Care journal published an article announcing that the “Graying of America” was underway (Spitzer et al., 2004, p. 22). This is significant, as it shows the extent to which our elderly care franchise truly “got in on the ground floor.”

    With nearly 15 years of successful care outcomes under our belt, the Executive Care family has distinguished itself as a frontrunner in the industry. Our clients know they can trust the Executive Care franchise in their area to provide premium care solutions, and our franchisees value the proven system, support channels, and marketing machine we offer.

  • We boast some of the best reviews.

    Executive Care takes pride in building strong local ties and making a difference in our communities, which is one reason for our sterling local reputation. But our reviews are great both online and offline; third-party reviews sites over which we have no control continually rank us as some of the best senior care providers in the country. And these reviews aren’t just coming from former clients, but from owners as well. RateABiz, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau all give us top ratings – see for yourself!

  • We truly understand the burden of informal caregiving.

    Much has been written as to the physical, emotional, financial and “opportunity cost’ of informal caregiving, but it’s still hard to truly grasp its impact without having experienced the burden oneself (Carmichael & Charles, 2003). At Executive Care, we know the reality of informal caregiving; indeed, the inspiration for our business struck after our founder received a call for help from an elderly and disabled neighbor whose daughter was away back in 2003. Many of our clients choose Executive Care because they know our history and feel more comfortable working with a business that knows the trials and tribulations they face.

  • Our training system transforms investors into senior care experts.

    Informed by nearly 15 years in business, our training system is designed to turn complete newcomers into elder care authorities. Covering everything from pre-opening planning and marketing to front-line senior care duties, our training and support is comprehensive and ongoing, unlike some competitors who wish you luck on your own after the initial start-up process ends.

  • Low start-up costs.

    Finding an elderly care franchise for sale isn’t difficult in today’s climate, but finding one for sale at a reasonable price is another matter. Some franchisors aim to profit from new investors out of the gates, which is fine, but our system takes a different approach. We have faith in our process, and know that a long-term relationship with a successful franchisee is more profitable than collecting big “buy-ins,” which is why we list our elderly care franchise for sale at approximately $100,000, including $44,000 to $68,000 of your own working capital.

Learn more about Executive Care’s opportunity

You can find full pricing details and other FAQs about our elderly care franchise for sale at https://executivehomecarefranchise.com


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Spitzer, W. J., Neuman, K., & Holden, G. (2004). The coming of age for assisted living care: New options for senior housing and social work practice. Social Work in Health Care, 38(3), 21-45.

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