Cost to Start a Homecare Business in 2018

Today’s post shares a no-nonsense breakdown of the costs to start a homecare business in 2018. Read on to learn exactly what you’ll need to save to get started with Executive Care.

Cost to start a homecare business in 2018

Consider the start-up investment you’d need in these industries:

  • Over $1-million to start an average McDonald’s franchise;
  • Between $150,000 and $500,000 to start an average brick-and-mortar retail franchise;
  • $350,000 or more to open a car wash;
  • $150,000 or more to start a mid-level hair salon.

These are all perfectly good business opportunities to pursue. But none of them offer the same kind of growth potential that the senior care industry does. And none give the same level of job satisfaction after a hard day’s work.

When you compare these start-up costs, it’s not hard to see why senior care businesses are popping up all over the country. If you’re thinking about getting started, the time is now!

And discounts are available, too. We proudly support the IFA’s VetFran program, which offers a discount of up to 20% on the initial territory fee. Please contact one of our representatives to learn more.

What am I paying for?

Though the cost to start a homecare business will vary from brand to brand, the value of the investment remains constant. That’s because in the United States alone, the senior care industry has grown into an $84-billion behemoth. And since it’s showing no signs of stopping, there has never been a better time to get involved in senior care. In fact, by 2030, 1 in 5 Americans will have aged into your business’s “target demographic” and begun looking for qualified senior care providers.

If you’re opening a senior care business with Executive Care, the figure quoted in the previous section covers all of your costs. That includes everything from the franchise fee to the estimated costs of food and hotel during your training.

But the cost to start a homecare business with Executive Care gets you a lot more, including:

  • Fast startup. Refined startup processes, training systems, and the support of our team means you start making a return on your investment faster than the competition.
  • Profitable model. Our comprehensive care model creates broad appeal and more than 7 revenue streams. We are a private pay home care company, which decreases receivables and increases cash flow back into the business.
  • Cutting-edge tools. Our franchisees use a robust, customized software package to streamline all business tasks, get better marketing results, and free up more time to focus on client care.
  • A winning brand reputation. This is a trust-based industry where an established reputation will directly benefit your business. Executive Care has been recognized by FranchiseTimes, Franchising World, Forbes, and the International Franchise Association, and recently ranked #11 in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top New Franchises 2017 list.
  • Round-the-clock support. Our franchise offers support services to answer any questions you may have. And members of your franchise family are always there to help!

Is it possible to find a cheaper business opportunity? Absolutely! But how many other industries are valued at over $300-billion, with 20+ years of unprecedented growth ahead?

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