Best Home Care Franchise for Beginners: 5 Signs You’ve Picked the Wrong Brand

Best Home Care Franchise for Beginners: 5 Signs You’ve Picked the Wrong Brand

Today’s post highlights 5 warning signs to watch out for when researching the best home care franchise opportunities. Read on to protect your investment and set your new career up for success from day-one by aligning yourself with the right brand.

  • The franchise only delivers one type of care. The best home care franchises offer a broad range of care services.That’s why Executive Care is more than a senior care company; it’s a global brand built to serve a wide variety of client needs. We choose to diversify our services in order to protect franchisees from market shifts, maximize revenue streams, and improve as many lives as possible. Moreover, all of our care programs are customized to the individual; we don’t believe in rigid, cookie-cutter solutions. If any of this resonates with you, but your current prospects limit themselves to a single care service, demographic, or locale, strike those names from your list and consider our opportunity.
  • The franchise pits franchisees against one another. The only winner in this scenario is the franchisor, who sits back and collects more royalty fees while their franchisees wage war on each other.Executive Care’s organizational culture is part corporate and part family, combining the best of both worlds to create a supportive, structured, and stress-free climate. We believe in treating our franchisees with the respect and professionalism they deserve, and encourage strong communication and collegiality among members of our franchise family.

    This attitude is also reinforced by our franchise policy, as can be seen with the way our territory systems protect against inter-franchise competition, making fellow franchisees’ success feel like free advertising (and thus promoting cooperation and mutual support) rather than cannibalized sales.

  • The franchise website looks like it was designed in the 1990s. The best home care franchises understand the importance of a professional web presence, which means active social media campaigns, smart PPC advertising, high-quality organic content marketing, and, most of all, a great website.If the franchise you’re considering has a low-quality website – specifically one that doesn’t funnel the user towards a desired call to action, whether that be to schedule a care consultation or learn more about franchising opportunities – consider that a major red flag.

    The majority of your business will be generate through your web presence, either directly via online bookings, or indirectly by playing a part in the client’s research and decision-making process.

    Moreover, the majority of your clients will be viewing your website through a mobile device, which means your site had better be responsive.

    Visit for an idea of what to look for in a brand’s web presence.

  • The franchise lacks testimonials from both sides of the business equation. Positive reviews from formers clients are great, but a job-well-done says nothing of how the franchisees are being treated on a day-to-day basis. Accordingly, the best home care franchises will have an abundance of positive testimonials from clients and franchise owners alike. Visit for an idea of the kind of feedback you should be hearing about your chosen brand.
  • The franchise start-up fees don’t add up. The best home care franchises won’t cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, Executive Care’s initial investment range falls between $99,750 and $151,000, which includes the franchise fee, start-up expenses, and as much as $68,000 of additional working capital. If your current opportunity is priced disproportionately higher or lower, consider it a red flag.

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