4 Senior Care Franchise Services That Might Surprise You

In today’s post, we explore 4 services provided by our senior care franchise that often surprise new clients and franchisees. This review will be equally useful for prospective clients and potential owners looking for more information about what our brand’s all about.

Specialized care

We like to emphasize our non-medical care services, but that doesn’t make our senior care franchise any less capable of tending to your loved one’s special needs. Every Executive Care franchise is staffed by a registered nurse who is qualified to provide specialized care for a variety of mental and physical conditions.

Companionship services

The loss of a companion is a common issue that our senior clients face. For many, their lives are defined by their relationship to their wife or husband. Accordingly, the loss of a companion can lead to depression, loneliness, stress, and anxiety that lowers quality of life and can even disrupt their other relationships with friends and family.

Unfortunately, addressing the loss of a companion is not as simple as encouraging your senior family member to attend social events. Mobility issues, shyness, and “socioemotional selectivity” can all limit the individual’s willingness or ability to seek our new forms of companionship (Donaldson et al., 2005, p. 2084).

For these reasons, our senior care franchise offers in-home companionship services. Our caretakers help fulfill your loved one’s basic socialization needs, while also ensuring their safety and well-being. We also recognize how important it is to find a companion whose personality matches well with your loved one, which is why we will continue to introduce them to new caregivers at no charge until the right match is made. Moreover, our companionship service is one of the best ways to ease a loved one into more comprehensive senior care.

Homemaking services

A clean home is vital for mental and physical health, but aging individuals sometimes struggle to maintain their living spaces due to mobility issues and arthritis. In other situations, household neglect may appear as an early warning sign of dementia, depression, or other mental health issues.

Whether caused by physical or mental limitations, unclean homes are also unsafe. According to Bergland and Wyller (2004), a considerable amount of elderly fall injuries occur each year as a result of unsafe living spaces or overly strenuous cleaning efforts.

Our senior care franchise offers homemaking services to ensure your loved one has the healthiest possible home environment. We make beds, dust, wash dishes, take out the trash, sanitize bathroom spaces, run errands, prepare meals, and more. Most importantly, we assist your loved one and ensure that they are safe, supported, and cared for in the space they’re most comfortable at all times.

Ride services with Lyft

For many of our clients, maintaining independence and mobility is vital, whether that means being able to take a solo trip to the grocery store, or simply staying on top of one’s medical appointments. For these reasons, we’ve partnered with Lyft, America’s fastest-growing on-demand transportation service. In doing so, we empower our senior clients with quick, safe rides any time they’re needed. Every driver is vetted via background checks, vehicle inspection, and driving record review. These rides can be requested at any time, and clients may travel with their caregivers at no extra charge.

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