4 Reasons to Pounce on Small Town Home Healthcare Franchise Opportunities

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Today’s post tackles the old myth that small and rural towns aren’t suited to home healthcare franchise opportunities. Read on to learn why some nonmetropolitan areas may actually be superior for senior care businesses in 2019, and how to take advantage of these opportunities with Executive Care.

Do small towns equal small healthcare franchise opportunities?

For much of the 20th century, rural and small towns experienced population loss as millions of residents sought opportunities in the big cities. The volume of out-migration varied considerably, but the direction of the flows did not; year after year, many small towns kept on shrinking.

But that all changed in the 1970s, when rural and small town population gains started to overtake those seen in big urban areas. Today, 17% of the US population–along with about 75% of the total land area–is nonmetropolitan (Johnson, 2006).

Growing rural and small town populations are attributed to many different factors. For starters, technological innovations in communications and transportation have made it feasible for “big city” job-seekers to live in small and rural towns. Further, the benefits of economies of scale and geographic proximity that business owners used to enjoy in big cities have eroded due to congestion, high housing costs and densities, land shortages, and high labor costs (Johnson, 2006).

Today, most Americans prefer to live in smaller places that are “near urban areas, but not in them” (Johnson, 2006, p. 2). In other words, small and rural towns are better for business than you might think. In addition to their growing populations, small and rural towns generally have less competitive than metropolitan areas.

But did you know that small towns are fertile grounds for home healthcare franchise opportunities? It’s true today and has been for some time.

Net migration to and from rural and small towns has always been “age selective,” with young adults most prone to leaving and older adults most prone to settling in. From the 1950s to the present day, rural and small counties have experienced a net influx, with the rate generally increasing through time.

Put simply, small and rural towns attract more seniors than metropolitan areas, and the influx of those over age 50 will continue to accelerate for the foreseeable future. That makes small and rural towns across America the perfect targets for your senior care company expansion.

4 reasons to pounce on small town home healthcare franchise opportunities

You already have a close community network.

In small towns, everyone knows everyone. And while that can make for some intense gossiping, it also makes networking, referrals, and advertising easy for local business owners. Senior care is a trust-based business, and you’ve already got the trust of your community! Pair your local connections with Executive Care’s trusted brand reputation and national marketing push, and you’ve got a high-octane lead generation system powering your success.

There’s less competition.

Even in urban areas, the AARP predicts that access to family caregivers will decrease to 4:1 by 2040. But small and rural towns have even less competition than metropolitan areas, meaning you get more out of your territory.

Home healthcare franchise opportunities are extremely affordable.

You can start a home healthcare franchise with the Executive Care team for approximately $100,000, which includes all you need to launch, plus up to $68,300 of your own working capital. And since rent is often lower in small towns, this figure could drop even lower.

You don’t need any home health care experience.

Our proven training and support system transforms senior care greenhorns into senior care gurus. That means you don’t have to leave your small or rural town to pursue postsecondary education or certifications.

Find home healthcare franchise opportunities in your area

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