4 Reasons Executive Home Care Tops Senior Care Franchise Rankings

Year after year, Executive Home Care tops senior care franchise rankings. The senior care industry is highly competitive, but we have worked hard to earn our reputation as one of the nation’s best. In today’s post, we offer four reasons why our brand is highly ranked by franchisees and customers alike.

Our Training And Support Is Unparalleled

Some senior care franchises run their new entrants through a training blitz, shake their hands, and wish them luck – we don’t work that way. Our top-tier support program starts with pre-opening and business development training, and stays with you every step of the way! You’ll move through initial franchise training, on-site support, team development, back-office process training, and marketing courses, with many opportunities for continuing education along the way (and after the fact). Whether you’re a fresh face in the senior care industry or a grizzled veteran, our training will equip you with the skills you need to succeed, and that’s why we’re on top of the senior care franchise rankings.

We Treat Our Veterans Right

Executive Home Care supports America’s veterans. We are forever indebted to those who have sacrificed so much to protect our rights and freedoms, and our franchise policies are built to show it.

First, we developed skilled and specialized care services built around veterans’ unique needs.

Moreover, we work with clients and their families to get veterans and surviving spouses with non-service related disabilities the care they need. To determine eligibility, our Veteran Benefits affiliates walk each client through a 7-step process where we assist with all documentation, applications, and expense estimation. Veterans Administration (VA) covers a wide range of in-home care services. Once your eligibility has been confirmed, your care will begin within 45-90 days. We encourage anyone reading now: if you are a veteran or a spouse of a veteran, get in touch, and let’s begin the process to get you the care you deserve.

Market analysts and franchise brokers have taken note of our commitment to helping America’s senior veterans, and it has certainly contributed to our high rankings.

We Give Franchisees 10+ Revenue Streams In The Booming Senior Care Industry

Executive Home Care offers an extensive service suite to accommodate all senior care needs. Beyond the standard at-home care services, we offer special care for veterans, accident or personal injury victims, and individuals suffering from mental health issues. Additionally, we offer assistance with homemaking and care insurance. Finally, we encourage franchisees to pursue supplemental staffing opportunities to assist with shortages in local care facilities. In total, Executive Home Care franchisees have access to more than 10 different revenue streams, which helps our franchisees build the biggest return on their investments, and keeps us high in the franchise rankings!

We Take Both Sides Of Our Business Seriously

Some senior care franchises focus entirely on the provision of care, letting their back-office duties slide, while others have the opposite problem. Executive Home Care treats both sides of the business as equally important, and our and customer service reflects that. Our training emphasizes excellence in marketing, bookkeeping, and sales, and our staffing practices ensure that every franchisee works with the best nurses and caregivers in their area.

Want to learn more about the Executive Home Care advantage? Request more information at https://executivehomecarefranchise.com/request-franchise-information/, or call 1-(855)-393-2372 for a free consultation with one of our franchise representatives.

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