3 Ways Starting a Senior Care Franchise Benefits Your Community

Are you Researching Rewarding Franchise Opportunities?

If you are attracted to the streamlined start-up, polished processes, and comprehensive training that franchising offers, but not quite sure which industry to get involved with, we encourage you to consider starting a senior care franchise. Though restaurant chains and fitness franchises are great, starting a senior care franchise is both highly profitable, and highly beneficial to your community.

In today’s post, we describe 3 ways starting a senior care franchise benefits your community. Read on to learn about the different personal and professional rewards that await you in senior care, and find out how to book a free consultation with our team.

Starting A Senior Care Franchise Supplies A Growing Demand For At-Home Care Services

Unsurprisingly, one way that starting a senior care franchise benefits your community is by providing senior care services for those in need. While this seems obvious, the booming demand for senior care services has still gone unappreciated by some.

Thanks to the Baby Boomers, the number of American senior citizens is surging past historical records to unprecedented levels. As the Baby Boomer generation ages past 65, the US senior population will hit almost 90-million – nearly twice the size of the estimated senior population in 2012. In fact, for the next two decades, more than 10,000 Americans will turn 65 every single day.

From a family and community perspective, this means that more people will be housing and caring for their elderly parents than ever before. For many people, full-time senior care is simply not a practical addition to a life already stretched between professional goals, family duties, and social events. For them, hiring senior care franchises is a perfect solution, making a work-life balance possible, while empowering their aging parents with supported independence.

From the perspective of the prospective franchisee, this surge in demand makes starting a senior care franchise a very enticing opportunity. The explosion of the senior population will necessitate more healthcare services, many of which will be desired in-home. Market research providers are estimating that the global home health care sector will grow from $180-billion in 2014 to more than $300-billion by 2020.

Starting a senior care franchise supplies growing demand for senior care services, and stands to make savvy entrepreneurs a lot of money while they do it!

Starting A Senior Care Franchise Creates Jobs For Some Of The Workforce’s Most Deserving Members

Health care workers are special people. For them, the hard work starts in college, increases during their placements, and then waits for them every single day on the job. These tireless workers also need to possess the right blend of empathy, respect, and passion. People like these are hard to come by, and starting a senior care franchise in your community ensures that their talents never go to waste.

Starting A Senior Care Franchise Ensures That Your Community’s General Care Needs Are Met

Beyond our at-home senior care services, Executive Home Care also provides supplemental staffing services, “lending” nurses and caregivers to local facilities who may be experiencing shortages. In this sense, starting a senior care franchise in your community bolsters the strength of your local healthcare network.

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