3 Ways COVID-19 Increases The Value Of Elder Care Business Opportunities

3 Ways COVID-19 Increases The Value Of Elder Care Business Opportunities

COVID-19 has hindered some businesses but helped others. Today’s explains three ways that the pandemic has increased the value of our elder care business opportunities for new investors.

Business Threats And Opportunities Arise Amidst COVID-19

For businesses in multiple industries, COVID-19 has been an existential threat. Mandated closures, travel limitations, and concerns about community spread have disrupted supply chains and dramatically reduced the flow of business in almost all sectors. According to an article published in the Washington Post, the financial pressures of COVID-19 have already forced more than 100,000 small businesses to close permanently.

But while the impacts of COVID-19 are felt everywhere, they’re not universally bad. Indeed, for some companies, business has never been better—Amazon just doubled their quarterly profit, according to several sources, and they’re not the only profiting from the pandemic, according to Forbes.

Believe it or not, COVID-19 has also increased the value of Executive Care’s elder care business opportunities in the following ways:

1.  Elder Care Businesses Deemed ‘Essential’ Amidst COVID-19 Closures

When you invest in elder care business opportunities, you aren’t only capitalizing on an industry with booming demand—you’re providing essential services to seniors, people with disabilities, individuals recovering from illness or surgery, and children in need. Executive Care is part of America’s critical infrastructure, which means we’re able to maintain business continuity even during forced closures, as long as we continue to abide by anti-pandemic safety protocols. As a result of this new designation, elder care business opportunities enjoy even greater long-term resilience, since owners know they’ll never be forced to shut down, and that their services will always be in-demand.

2.  Elder Care Business Opportunities Help Keep Communities Safe

Executive Care owners have always been able to go home feeling great about their work, but now more than ever! In addition to providing companionship, support with the activities of daily living, and peace of mind for families and care recipients, our caregivers now play a crucial role in limiting the risks of community spread. Our caregivers are directly responsible for enforcing pandemic safety protocols while providing care, and we help seniors reduce their risk of infection by facilitating senior isolation, picking up supplies and completing errands as needed.

3.  Executive Care’s Trusted Reputation Means More Than Ever

The senior care industry has always been built on trust. But with seniors counted among the populations most at-risk of negative COVID-19 outcomes, clients are more discerning than ever about the quality of care that their loved ones receive. Many will only entrust their loved one’s care to proven brands with longstanding success, which makes Executive Care’s reputation more valuable than ever before.

Our proven track record of success stretches back to 2004. After more than 16 years in business, we’ve earned thousands of glowing reviews, along with awards and recognition from industry leaders. When you invest in our elder care business opportunities, you benefit from this brand name and reputation from day-one.

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