Why Are Home Care Franchises Flourishing Across The USA?

Why Are Home Care Franchises Flourishing Across The USA?

Over the past year, many people have reevaluated their priorities after surviving the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, they have decided life is too short to continue working in jobs they don’t like, and have instead chosen to pursue their dreams of entrepreneurship. If you are among this group and have looked at various business opportunities, you’ve noticed home care franchises are flourishing and show no signs of slowing down. Should you be curious about why this is happening and how you can get in on an incredible business opportunity through Executive Care, here are some reasons why home care franchises are popular and successful.

A Growing Client Base

As U.S. Census figures continue to show, the nation’s population is getting older faster than in years past. In fact, within less than 30 years, it is estimated there will be almost 85 million U.S. residents who are at least age 65. Needless to say, home care franchises such as ours here at Executive Care will be needed more than ever by people everywhere.

Families Living Far Apart

While you may have assumed most elderly folks have children living within only a few miles of their homes, data shows that is not the case for most elderly U.S. residents. On average, an elderly parent has their nearest adult child living almost 300 miles away, making it impossible for them to be relied upon for help on a consistent basis. Therefore, home care franchises such as Executive Care can step in to save the day. In doing so, home care franchises can fill a critical void, giving families everywhere peace of mind.

Expecting To Need Help

Finally, home care franchises will be needed more in the upcoming years due to an anticipated upswing in the number of people expecting to need help in order to remain in their homes. According to surveys, over 70% of people age 65 or older expect to need in-home help at some point in their lives, and over 80% of those age 65 state their current home is where they wish to stay. Because of this, there is no better time than now for you to explore the exciting opportunities associated with Executive Care home care franchises. From using the latest technology to providing training and support that is unmatched within the industry, becoming an Executive Care franchisee will be a life-changing decision for you and your family.

Since your desire to be your own boss is greater than ever before following the pandemic, now is the time to contact us here at Executive Care. Upon doing so, you will learn even more about why home care franchises are some of the best business opportunities available today.

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