What’s The Best Home Care Franchise Business Model For Beginners?

What's The Best Home Care Franchise Business Model For Beginners?

There’s never been a better time to start a new senior care business, but not all opportunities are created equal. Here’s what makes our opportunity the best home care franchise business model for beginners:

1.  Fast And Affordable Start-Up

The best home care franchise business start-up for beginners is as fast as it is affordable. Numerous businesses fail each year because new owners drag their feet during the pre-opening phase, where expenses are incurred without the ability to generate any profit.

Thanks to our streamlined start-up process, filler-free curriculum, and robust support system, Executive Care franchise owners hit the ground running, and it only costs about $100,000 to open their doors for business. That figure includes everything you need to get started, plus as much as $68,000 of reserve capital to act as your safety net.

2.  Beginner-Friendly Territory System

Territory systems are a hallmark of franchises around the country. Though the rules vary from brand to brand, most territory systems are designed to support individual franchisees’ profitability by prohibiting fellow owners from selling “on their turf.” This ensures that all the national marketing support and big-brand power is used to drive sales, rather than pit you against brand partners. This is ideal for beginners and business veterans alike.

The best home care franchise business models give the investor a choice in where their business sets up. Executive Care delineates each territory in collaboration with the franchisee, using state-of-the-art demographics tools to identify promising market areas with 500,000+ residents, to which you’ll get exclusive franchise access.

3.  All-Inclusive Home Care Training

The best home care franchises for beginners provide all-inclusive training that covers everything aspect of business management.

Executive Care’s training offerings include:

  • Pre-opening planning and business development—Pinpoint the perfect location, register your business, and learn how to set short-term goals that support your long-term strategy.
  • Marketing, sales, and advertising—Learn how to research, create, and optimize marketing campaigns, manage your personalized website and social media assets, and coordinate online efforts with local promotional items and PR activities.
  • In-class operations training—Visit our corporate headquarters and learn everything you need to know about caregiving, staff management, back-end bookkeeping, operating your website, and more. Our program is completely customized to the individual and taught with a personalized, hands-on approach.
  • Continuing education and skill development—Executive Care offers ongoing modules and webinars to expand and update the knowledge and skills of our franchisees at their own pace, whenever and wherever they have web access.

4.  Post-Sale Franchise Support

Like territory systems, franchise supports are another distinctive feature of franchise systems, but they’re not all created equal. Some franchise support dries up as soon as the investor’s doors are open for business, but not with Executive Care. In addition to regularly scheduled visits to your location to provide on-site support in sales/business development, training, and operations, you’ll always have direct contact to our entire support staff.

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You can find dozens of free franchising resources on the Executive Home Care website, or call 1-855-393-2372 to speak directly with a franchise representative. All consultations are 100% free and totally beginner-friendly.


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