What To Look For In Top Home Care Franchises In The USA

What To Look For In Top Home Care Franchises In The USA

It’s a great time to start a senior care service. But with home care franchises cropping up all over the USA, it’s tough to know where to turn. Executive Care explains what to look for in top brands.

Top Home Care Franchises Offer Custom Care Plans

No two individuals are exactly alike, which means stock care plans just won’t do. America’s seniors have diverse care needs that need to be addressed on a case-by-case basis. In order to accommodate these unique needs, the top home care franchises offer a comprehensive range of care services, from dementia care and skilled nursing services to simple companionship and housekeeping. Moreover, all care plans are tailored to the individual.

If you want to maximize your profits and create more opportunities to help those in need, steer clear of home care franchises that focus entirely on a single, limited care service (e.g. housekeeping or companionship). Executive Care offers dementia care, skill nursing services, companionship, home helper services, senior transportation, and more!

Top Home Care Franchises Maintain Exacting Training Standards

You wouldn’t leave mom or dad in the care of unqualified support staff, and neither would your customers. Don’t settle for subpar training–your competitors aren’t!

At Executive Care, all staff must complete initial and ongoing training according to our exacting national standards. And before they begin, every potential hiree must complete a vigorous screening process that includes interview screenings and background/reference checks. Franchise owners also receive extensive training in all facets of business operations prior to opening, from sales and customer service to website marketing and goal-setting.

Top Home Care Franchises Maintain A Strong Web Presence In 2020

Your website is a major marketing asset that’s completely non negotiable in 2020. A huge number of people use basic Google searches and web research to locate qualified home care franchises in the USA, and that number will only grow as more web-savvy Millennials take charge of their parents’ care needs.

If you’re only advertising in the Yellow Pages or with more traditional channels (e.g. radio spots or flyer campaigns), you’re missing out on a massive audience. Compared to the “Shotgun approach” of traditional mass marketing, website marketing via pay per click campaigns and keyword-focused content lets you put your business page and content in front of highly targeted audiences with strong purchase intent.

Executive Care has a powerful web presence that includes a corporate website, franchisee-specific microsites, and robust social media assets that stay active on all of the “Big 5” platforms. Website building, marketing, and management are all included in our training, and all franchisees benefit from our proprietary sales and management software to make life easier.

Start A Home Care Franchise In The Usa With Executive Care

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