What Matters Most For Elderly Home Care Franchise Success

What Matters Most For Elderly Home Care Franchise Success

Today’s post discusses what clients expect from the best elderly home care franchises, and how Executive Care makes it easy for owners to excel at what matters most!

The #1 Factor For Elderly Home Care Franchise Success – Trust

Pundits say that senior care is a trust-based business, and it’s not hard to imagine why: not only are families giving you their money, they’re entrusting you with the health and safety of their loved ones.

Trust must be built between all parties in the business equation, including:

  • Trust between senior and caregiver. Can senior clients depend on their caregivers to be punctual, reliable, and easy to talk to? Is the caregiver responsible? Does their service directly improve the client’s comfort, safety, independence and quality of life?Gaining this trust basically boils down to the quality of care that your elderly home care franchise provides, although client/caregiver chemistry does factor in, particularly when it comes to how comfortable seniors are with communication.In both cases, Executive Care has you covered. Our business model ensures only top quality service by requiring all caregivers to meet exacting initial and ongoing training standards. Moreover, we retain the services of a registered nurse at all times. And we take client/caregiver chemistry seriously, investing a great amount of time and effort upfront to create the best possible matches. Our system also includes unlimited caregiver matchmaking redos and periodic follow-ups, so your clients never have to settle for someone that isn’t right for them.
  • Trust between caregiver and supervisor. You need to be able to trust your employees, or your clients never will. And if you want maximal motivation and productivity from your employees, they need to be able to trust you, too! While you’re ultimately responsible for your own trustworthiness, the Executive Care model leaves no chance for error when it comes to finding employees you can trust. Our vetting process includes background and reference checks, in-person interviews, and extensive initial training. Moreover, all caregivers are bonded, insured and employed full-time–no subcontracted care allowed!
  • Trust between families and service providers. Without this form of trust, your business won’t make a single sale, and you’ll never have the chance to help your community. Building this kind of trust can take years, but our franchise owners get it from day one.Since 2004, Executive Care has been delivering outstanding senior care services to families across across America. To date, we’ve helped thousands of families get the care they need, and we’ve got the reviews, referrals, and awards to prove it. In fact, just recently, Executive Care won the 2019 Best of Home Care Award.
  • Trust between franchisor and elderly home care franchise owner. You won’t invest if you don’t trust the quality of our training, support, and business system, and we won’t entrust our brand name to just anyone! If you’re ready to evaluate our brand, visit the Executive Care franchise website for a wealth of free resources, including complete investment breakdowns and feedback from past and present owners. If you like what you see, give us a call at 1-(855)-393-2372 and we’ll begin the validation process!
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