What Makes Executive Care the Best Senior Home Care Franchise for New Investors?

What Makes Executive Care the Best Senior Home Care Franchise for New Investors?


Today’s post explains what makes our senior home care franchise such a perfect fit for first-time investors.

What is the best senior home care franchise for beginners?

Since everybody’s different, there is no singular best senior home care franchise for beginners. But there are some established “beginner-friendly” features that first-time investors look for–and this is where Executive Care really shines:

Beginners typically have less investment capital to work with and less patience in regards to breaking even and profiting. Cheaper isn’t always better–franchisors need to fund quality training and support services, after all–but your investment shouldn’t break the bank.

Executive Care estimates your initial investment will range between $99,650 and $161,900 which includes your franchise fee, recommended operating capital, and other startup costs.

Responsive franchise support

Support is of the major competitive advantages that franchisees have over independent business owners. The best senior care franchises offer ongoing support, coaching, and troubleshooting services that don’t stop once the “Startup phase” is over.

At Executive Care, we provide initial training, opening support, on-going support, on-site visits, along with marketing and sales assistance.

Established brand name

This is a trust-based industry, where successful “sales” require strangers putting the care of their loved ones in your hands. And while the demand for senior care is high enough to drive some clients towards the unproven commodities, you’ll get much more business by aligning yourself with an established brand name with a trusted reputation.

After 15 years of dedicated care service, Executive Care is now recognized as one of America’s most trusted homecare brands. Our brand name appears on Entrepreneur magazine’s Franchise 500 list as well as the Top 200+ ranking by FranchiseTimes, and Home Care Pulse awarded Executive Care with the Endorsed National Provider distinction in 2019.

All-inclusive training

Most beginners have a few holes in their skill sets, whether that be in marketing, staff management, or hands-on caregiving. That’s why it’s so important to find a company that offers training “from the ground up.”

Executive Care’s training is all-inclusive. Our individualized training program includes pre-opening planning and business development, in-class instructionals and hands-on workshops, and on-site coaching.

Proven system

The best senior home care franchise for a beginner is one with plenty of success stories and a relatively clear path (and timeline) to profitability. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel on your first day: save the innovation and high-risk, high-reward strategies for when you have more experience.

Before franchising the company in 2013, our founders spent 9 years refining this business system. They wanted to make sure that the Executive Care business model had a systematic way of unlocking long-term value for franchisees while delivering the needed services to clients and family members. Today, Executive Care is highly ranked and recognized by some of the most respected industry and franchise organizations.

Strong communication

Beginners cannot be left in the dark or made to feel ignored by the higher ups. The better the communication between franchisee and franchisor, the shorter the learning curve, and the fewer mistakes get made.

We believe in maintaining direct communication with our franchisees, and our FAQ is a testament to our commitment to transparent–you ask, we answer, no nonsense!

Room to grow

Beginners tend to start small and build from there. The best senior home care franchises leave room to grow, whether than means expanding your services and territories, or making an executive-level investment.

Executive Care offers plenty of room to grow! Whether you want to scale up your services or explore one of our three main business models, the sky’s the limit with the Executive Advantage.

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