What It Takes To Run Multiple Units

Deciding to open a franchise is a big decision and commitment. One franchise location is a huge responsibility, but what about those brave souls who want to open multiple units? Well, multiple unit franchisees will be stretched thinner than the average one location franchisee. With more than one location, a franchisee will be responsible for a larger territory, which means more marketing, hiring and training.

Whether you want to open one or multiple locations, it is important to be dedicated to the brand and your own personal and business developments. You will be running this business, so you need to be devoted to making it work.

As a multiple unit owner, you will be overseeing a larger territory and more employees, which require flexibility and persistence. What works in one location might not work in another, so marketing techniques and other business tactics might need to be changed depending on location. There will be a lot of learning while on the job, no one can wholly prepare you for everything that can happen while running a business. The franchisor will be a crucial tool when it comes to your training and support, but running the business ultimately falls on you.

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