Unlock The Power Of Process Knowledge: Owning A Home Health Franchise In 2020

Unlock The Power Of Process Knowledge: Owning A Home Health Franchise In 2020

In 2020, process knowledge is paramount for the continued success of any business. Today’s post explains how owning a home health franchise is easier with Executive Care’s superior process knowledge.

What Is Process Knowledge And How Does It Factor Into Owning A Home Health Franchise?

The term “process knowledge” relates broadly to an organization’s ability to learn, adapt, and operate efficiently. Put simply, it’s about how well a business knows its business, and thus can operate with precision and efficiency, or learn and adapt well to new demands and market conditions.

Every business can be placed on the “process knowledge spectrum,” which distinguishes businesses with precision processes like ours, capable of producing valuable outcomes with great efficiency, from those simply throwing darts in the dark.

Even back in 1999, researchers understood that process knowledge was “the primary source of sustainable competitive advantage in an era characterized by short product life cycles, dynamic markets and complex processes” (Ramesh & Tiwana, 1999, p. 213). Fast-forward to July 2020, and the senior care market is more dynamic than ever, with businesses across the country modifying their services to accommodate new technologies and implement pandemic-safety protocols. In order to retain competitive advantages in this dynamic climate, process knowledge is non-negotiable.

Owning A Home Health Franchise With Proven Process Knowledge

After more than 15 years, Executive Care has accrued tremendous process knowledge, which gives us the ability to operate a very profitable and adaptive business model capable of identifying market threats and opportunities, setting clear goals, and taking the steps needed to achieve them.

These are two recent examples of how our unparalleled process knowledge created competitive advantages for our owners:

  • Process knowledge unlocks new revenue streams for Executive Care franchise owners. Recognizing the need for more senior care staffing at local facilities as a potential opportunity to help, Executive Care leaped into action and developed a Supplement Staffing service to round out our existing care offerings. Process knowledge allowed for smooth service rollout and unlocked valuable new revenue streams for franchise owners.
  • Process knowledge facilities rapid pandemic response. As the COVID-19 pandemic swept the globe, thousands of US businesses shut down for good after forced closures dried up revenues and government relief never came. It was only through top-tier process knowledge that Executive Care was able to rapidly implement COVID-19 protocols and procedures to keep clients safe and continue providing the care they need.

Learn More About Owning A Home Health Franchise With Executive Care

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