Top 5 Attributes to Look For in a Senior Care Franchise

The long-term care industry is booming, with new startups opening seemingly every day and senior care franchises expanding faster than ever.

For an entrepreneur looking to partner with one of these brands, the sheer volume of choices can be overwhelmed.

How do you tell the best senior care franchises–those with real staying power and strong returns on investment–from the flashes in the pan?

Today’s post should help. Read on to learn what all of the best senior care franchises have in common, and go forth in your senior care journey with a better idea of who deserves your investment.

  • Smart Start-up Costs.

    The best senior care franchises don’t gouge their franchisees upfront with unwieldy franchise fees that push the break-even point even further out of reach. That’s exactly the kind of behavior you can expect from fly-by-night franchises–the kind that take your money with promises of top-level support, then leave you on your own once the franchise fee is collected.

    The best senior care franchises set you up for success from day-one with smart investment strategy. At Executive Care, the average startup ranges between $99,750 and $151,000, which includes $44,500 to $68,300 of additional funds and working capital as a safety net.

  • Strong Core Values.

    The best senior care franchises know what matters most–compassionate care, transparent business practices, complete customer satisfaction, and a supportive franchise family. Without these keystones, your business cannot thrive. Since 2004, Executive Care has upheld strong core values, which has earned us the trust of local communities and franchise owners alike.

  • A reputation for Exceptional Care.

    The senior care industry is largely trust-based. That means trusted brands get big business, while unproven commodities fight for scraps, or else pour funds into marketing to make up the difference.

    Executive Care’s reputation is rock-solid, both online and in the local community. We have a 4.5-star rating on RateABiz; a 4.6-star rating on Facebook reviews; a 4-star rating from; a 5-star rating from; and an A+ and 5-star rating from the Better Business Bureau.

  • Comprehensive Training and Support.

    The best senior care franchises should be able to transform greenhorns into long-term care business superstars.

    At Executive Care, our training includes pre-opening planning and business development, initial franchise training, on-site support, team development and continuing education, back-office training, and ongoing assistance with marketing, sales, and advertising. Some of our most successful franchisees entered into the system as greenhorns, and look at them now!

  • A Robust Web Presence.

    We’re in the Information Age–the Age of Technology–and modern care companies are held to certain standards that might be unfamiliar to old-school business owners. Part of that means building and maintaining a robust web presence, which can be a little intimidating for those unfamiliar with the “online arts.” But it’s a fact: all of the best senior care franchises have active social media platforms and sleek websites.

    Don’t worry–Executive Care’s web presence is a powerhouse. Saying nothing about our extensive social media presence, our website is filled with free informational resources and videos on our franchisees’ credentialing, training, care services, testimonials, and plenty of other content to help you convert local customers. Whether you’re a web-savvy entrepreneur or an old-school business baron, we have the training and support you need to stand out in online searches.

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