Starting a Senior Care Business – 5-Minute Breakdown for Beginners

Starting a Senior Care Business 5 Minute Breakdown for Beginners

Most people read 150-200 words per minute, so we’ve assembled a 5-minute breakdown of what’s involved in starting a senior care business with Executive Care.

Read on for a step-by-step walkthrough for starting a senior care business, including an introduction to important franchise concepts, the Executive Advantage, and links to further resources to help you on your journey.

Step 0 – Conducting your research

The first step in starting a senior care business is all about research.

If you’re starting on your own, this step could take years as you put together a business plan, training program, and marketing strategy from scratch. Without previous experience in this industry, or a major investment in training and mentorship, most people never move past “Step 0.”

But if you’re starting a senior care business as a franchisee, things get a lot simpler. Your research will focus on:

Step 1 – Time to make introductions

Once you’ve finished your research, it’s time to get acquainted.

All prospective franchisees receive an Introduction Call from a representative, who will ask you about your values, background, and vision, while also answering any introductory questions you have about our brand. At this stage, we’re looking for chemistry. By the end of the call, you’ll know whether or not our brand is right to help you achieve your goals.

Step 2 – Get an inside look at Executive Care and our industry

Step 2 is about taking your research to the next level. We share recent research senior care industry growth, overview the Executive Care business model (along with start-up investment, operating costs, and team building strategies), and grant you an inside look at the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

Step 3 – Get to know our training systems

One of the greatest benefits of starting a senior care business with Executive Care is the robust training and support services we offer. Our Operations, Training, and Support call details these programs in full, covering everything from Pre-Opening Programs to On-Site Coaching Visits.

Step 4 – Pinpoint where your business will start

At this juncture, the focus shifts to our territory system. You’ll get an overview of our proven demographics formula, which has helped all of our franchisees find the optimal location. After our territory analysis, you’ll have a clear idea of how many potential clients you’ll have access to, and be able to compare territory sizes against other offers.

Step 5 – Speak with our current franchisees

Don’t commit to our offer until you’ve had a chance to speak candidly with existing franchise owners. This is your opportunity to learn about their experiences and backgrounds, and ask the tough questions that Google research couldn’t answer.

Step 6 – Study our Sales and Marketing processes

When we talk about the Executive Advantage, our polished sales process and high-level marketing systems come first to mind. Now you get an insider look at our proven methods.

Step 7 – Attend our “Meet the Team Day” event

All new franchisees enjoy a full day that includes a chance to meet the Executive Care team, tour our headquarters, visit a local franchise location, and have dinner with our CEO & Founder before signing our Franchise Agreement.

Step 8 – Begin your training and take the first step towards office opening

You’re home free! Now it’s time to get started with training and open your doors for business.

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