Starting a Home Healthcare Business with the Executive Advantage

Starting a Home Healthcare Business with the Executive Advantage

Are you considering starting a home healthcare business?

Why not harness the Executive Advantage for bigger ROI, smaller risk, and a place in our franchise family?

Today’s post shares 3 reasons why starting a home healthcare business with Executive Care pays off.

Leave the R&D up to us

Starting a home healthcare business with the Executive Advantage means getting access to a proven business model and marketing system that has been polished and refined for years by the collective budget and effort of an industry leader. That means you don’t have to waste time on research and development while your savings dwindle–you get access to the winning playbook right away.

There are no secrets in this business–your success is dictated by your devotion to the client experience. But our business model works. And it can work for you.

Flawless Financial Planning and Affordable Start-Up

With the Executive Advantage, you know exactly what it costs to get your business started and profitable. That makes for better financial planning and less stress, compared to self-starters who can only guess. Not only can you easily calculate your break-even point, but our investment includes up to $68,300 of your own working capital to protect against any shortfalls in the early goings. Start-up training also includes business planning modules to help you set and achieve your goals fast.

Our opportunity is very affordable. On average, starting a home healthcare business with the Executive Advantage costs $100,000. You can view an itemized breakdown of these start-up costs at

Get a Head-Start with your Digital Presence

In 2019, a strong digital presence is essential for maximizing impressions, generating sales, and connecting with local audiences. But that’s easier said than done. Building your digital presences means designing a sleek, mobile-responsive website; writing valuable content to keep audiences engaged; managing social media accounts; implementing SEO best practices to rank in search, developing organic and paid marketing campaigns; submitting citations to local directories; and much more.

If you’re trying to build a professional digital presence on your own, there’s a steep learning curve.

Fortunately, you don’t have to start from scratch. You get the Executive Advantage, which includes:

  • Access to exclusive software programs that will help you run daily operations, collect valuable metrics, and synergize with your web assets. You will receive full training and support for all software.
  • Complete marketing and advertising programs, including a personalized website and social media package. You will receive full training and support for all marketing and advertising programs. National marketing and franchise-wide branching campaigns integrate seamlessly with your local marketing efforts.
  • Initial training and continuing education in the form of modules, webinars, and in-person coaching to accelerate your learning and keep your apprised of any new developments. Our training program cuts straight to the essential information you need to put our proven process into action.
  • An established brand reputation, which includes hundreds of 5-star ratings on third-party review sites, and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.
  • Ongoing support from our corporate team

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