How to Start a Home Healthcare Agency: 3 Steps to Better Returns On Your Investment

Though most of our readers are looking for advice on how to start a home healthcare agency, others visit the Executive Care blog to learn best practices to apply to their existing elderly care businesses. Some of these people are independent start-ups, while others are members of the competition. Their interest in our business practices is not hard to understand; in the years we’ve been open, Executive Care has established itself as a leading brand in the homecare industry, with training systems, start-up processes, and service packages that have been optimized to maximize revenue streams and client satisfaction. Our franchisees are one big, happy family, and our online review site reputation is rock-solid.

The quickest road to success is to study the people on top, right? Rather than shying away from their interest, we welcome it; we’re proud of the business model we’ve built, and believe that franchisees and seniors alike would benefit from other companies starting to take note.

With that in mind, today’s post breaks down 3 ways senior care business owners can secure better returns on their investment, pointing to real-world examples of the Executive Care business strategy in action. Whether you’re looking for ways to drum up more business and expand your brand offerings, or need another reason to join the Executive Care family, this article will be of use!

3 Strategies to Increase Your Return on Investment

Increasing your return on investment means attracting more clients, or eliminating unnecessary expenses. We have solutions for either approach:

Plan Around Internal Competition

Some brands struggle to keep all of their franchisees happy because internal competition affects their profitability. Strong franchises are designed so that the success of one franchisee benefits the entire family, but some franchisors neglect to space locations out properly, which results in serious over-saturation and unprofitable internal competition. If you’ve ever seen a city block crowded with Starbucks locations, you’ve witnessed this phenomenon.

Competing with rival brands is hard enough; strong franchises need to eliminate internal competition with careful territory planning. At Executive Care, we set our franchisees up with exclusive territory rights, giving them a guaranteed market of 500,000 residents or more. Territory offerings are not pre-set, but rather are the result of careful collaboration between the franchisee and franchise development team. Each territory is selected to maximize the number of residents that meet your demographic and financial criteria.

Diversify Your Offerings To Access Multiple Revenue Streams

At-home senior care is not all about medical care. American seniors have diverse needs, many of which are non-medical in nature, including companionship, housekeeping, nutritional assistance, and daily living assistance. Franchises that limit themselves to one form of care service greatly restrict their profitability in this market. At Executive Care, we offer seven potential revenue streams.

Understand That Marketing Is The Key To Monetization

You might have the best senior care service in the country, but you won’t be able to help anybody (or build a healthy return on your investment) unless local residents know you exist. Don’t be reluctant to market yourself in this day and age; don’t think of it as “selling out,” but rather giving greater visibility to the care services you offer, which is a tremendous boon to your community. Don’t limit yourself to newspaper ads in the Internet Era, either! At Executive Care, we support your local marketing efforts with a polished national promotional campaign that helps establish your brand as a leader in the homecare industry.

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