Staffing Your Homecare Business: Franchising vs. Self-Starting

The success of any service-based business hinges on quality staff. This is especially true in the senior homecare business, which is one reason why so many people find franchise staffing systems so appealing.

Today’s post breaks down the cost and effort involved in finding, interviewing, and training employees for franchisees and self-starters. Read on to learn which avenue is right for you.

Staffing your independent homecare business

Staffing your homecare business can be a bittersweet time for independent owners. On one hand, the need for extra help means your business is blossoming; on the other hand, staffing poses a whole new set of problems for self-starters. This is especially true in the senior care industry where so much trust and liability is at stake.

Startup entrepreneurs need to be particularly careful about how incurring personnel costs, as these are usually the greatest expense for a service-based business.

On top of what you’ll need to spend on wages, taxes, fees, and insurance for your employees, there will be legal considerations depending on the federal and state laws governing your business.

Some homecare business owners opt to use staffing agencies to circumvent these problems. Staffing agencies allow you to hire people who work in your business, but not for your business, which protects you from the responsibilities of being an employer, like paying certain taxes and insurance.

That said, staffing agencies get mixed reviews. Short-term work contracts with employees with no serious ties to the staffing agency does not usually lead to stellar performance, and this can reflect poorly on your brand. For this reason, it’s important to do your research before committing to one company. Unfortunately, research requires even more time and energy, which you might not have given that you’re already turning to an expedient staffing option. Another disadvantage is the cost: most staffing agencies will charge five to seven dollars per hour more than you’d pay your staff in wages as permanent employees.

Finding employees on your own can be a better option in the long-term, but it’s not easy. Expect to take on a major research and vetting project that could consume entire work weeks. This is especially true if you take an online hiring approach: the sheer volume of email responses you’ll receive will be enough to distract you from important parts of your business, even before you factor in the time involved in background checks and interviews.

Ultimately, the costs, risks, and timesink of staffing your own business add up to be another major reason why so many entrepreneurs turn to franchising to launch their homecare business.

Staffing your homecare business as an Executive Care franchisee

The ease and efficacy of our staffing process is one of the greatest assets we offer franchisees.

Finding top talent is simple for Executive Care franchisees. Best practices and hiring protocols are covered during your initial training, opening support, on-going support, and on-site visits to optimize your staffing process every step of the way. With Executive Care, you will never be put in a position where you need to “roll the dice” with a potential hire, and staffing will never take time away from you growing your business.

Furthermore, Executive Care’s caregiver selection program completely protects franchisees from liability, while ensuring superior service for their clientele. All of our caregivers are passed through a comprehensive reference and criminal background check, and are bonded, insured employees, rather than independent contractors with no stake in a job well-done. Moreover, our trusted brand reputation just tends to attract good people!

When you franchise with our homecare business, staffing becomes a point of pride rather than a source of stress – that’s what the Executive Advantage is all about. You can find out more about staffing and other franchise benefits by visiting

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