Spring Cleaning (And Care) Tips from a Home Healthcare Franchise

Spring Cleaning And Care Tips from a Home Healthcare Franchise

Spring is upon us. Tis the season for house cleaning, garden planting, and outdoor fun, all of which can be made better with the help of our home healthcare franchise.

Today’s post shares some simple and effective tips to help refresh your senior living space and get the most out of this beautiful season!

Clean smart, not hard

Spring cleaning is best handled with a good plan. Bouncing from one random task to another is a surefire way to burn yourself out without making a noticeable dent in the mess, and can even leave you worse off with a bunch of half-finished clean-ups.

Schedule your cleaning, make a to-do list, and stick to them both for best results.

Importantly, while our home healthcare franchise does offer complete housekeeping services, it’s always good to get involved in the work yourself, both in terms of maintaining independence and getting active. Make a note of which tasks are too difficult for you to complete when writing your cleaning plan and reserve these for your caregiver, then tackle the rest according to the plan you’ve laid out.

Also don’t forget to recruit friends and family. This not only speeds up the cleaning process, but creates some more opportunities for your family and caretaker to get to know each other.

Ease into your spring activities

Spring welcomes all kinds of fun outdoor activities, from swimming parties and lawn bowling to patio cookouts. But, excited as you may be to get started, remember to ease into increased activity levels.

This is especially true for the millions of Americans suffering from arthritis, back problems, and other mobility issues that can lead to pain and discomfort after prolonged bouts of activity.

At the very least, try to keep some comfortable outdoor furniture nearby to take breaks as needed, stay hydrated, and pay attention to how you’re feeling at all times.

For a foolproof solution, consider bringing your caretaker to the next spring barbeque or golf game. This will not only keep you safe at all times, but will be a great opportunity for your caretaker to get acquainted with other members of your family.

Don’t forget to schedule a seasonal check-up

Part of your spring checklist should involve a little self-maintenance. So before you start increasing your activity and enjoying the warm weather, take the time to ensure you’re well. Have your primary care physician check your weight and blood pressure, as well as glucose and cholesterol levels. If it’s been more than a year since your eyes were tested, book an appointment with your optometrist. Do the same with your dentist and ENT.

Don’t forget that our home healthcare franchise can arrange transportation to and from your medical appointments, and can accompany you there if you wish!

Furthermore, your check-up should extend to your finances. Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to make sure you don’t have any outstanding bills or paperwork awaiting responses. Of course, our home healthcare franchise staff can help with that too. And since all our employees are licensed, bonded, insured, and vetted through criminal and background checks, you know you can trust our team.

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