Specialists vs. One-Stop-Shops: Comparing Senior Health Services Franchises

Specialists vs. One-Stop-Shops: Comparing Senior Health Services Franchises

Today’s post explains why Executive Care’s “one stop shop” model outperforms other health services franchises. Read on to learn the value of expanding your service offerings in 2019!

One Stop Shops Vs. Specialists In Senior Care

Investopedia defines a “one stop shop” as “a firm that offers a multitude of products or services to its customers, all under one roof.”

Executive Care certainly qualifies. Our franchisees offer a broad range of senior care services under one roof, including:

When discussing the benefits of this model, Investopedia focuses on the client side: “Compared to visiting a separate institution for each area of need, the one-stop shop saves the consumer a lot of time and effort.”

But running a “one-stop shop” is also great for the business owner:

One-stop shops create happy return customers. As noted above, one-stop shops save the consumer a lot of time and effort, which is something they’ll appreciate in any industry. But these effects intensify in the senior care world, where adult children stress and worry plenty about finding the right support for their aging parents.

One-stop shops allow these adult children to find solutions for both parents’ unique care needs unique the same roof, which effectively halves the time it takes to complete this tall task. Maybe Dad needs light help with the activities of daily living (ADLs), while Mom needs specialized care? Not a problem with Executive Care.

Executive Care’s “one stop shop” care model also makes it easier to scale up support services when the challenges posed by aging begin to mount. Rather than having to switch care providers and hope your parent adjusts to the new company, you can simply up your existing care plan. This is much less stressful for adult children, and it also eliminates the “transition shock” for seniors going from one provider to another.

By making life easier on our clients and their loved ones in this way, Executive Care’s “one stop shop” model creates more happy customers who are willing to return in the future and refer their friends.

One-stop shops let you make a greater difference in the community. Compared to niche health services franchises, one-stop-shops can help more people. Simply put, by offering more care services, you’re able to serve more seniors, which can be all the difference for those entering this business in hopes of truly benefiting the local community.

One-stop shops build better brand reputations. While it’s easier to dominate a niche than an entire industry, the latter is undoubtedly more beneficial for your business. By offering a number of senior care services under a single roof, you can quickly establish yourself in the senior care industry as an authoritative source for senior care solutions. Your brand name also benefits from a kind of “complementary marketing” effect. For instance, by running a senior companion care” ad alongside a dementia care” ad, you greatly increase your exposure to relevant audiences. In this case, those seeking dementia care may also be interested in companion care, and when they see both ads pointing to your website, you’re much more likely to get a lead.

One-stop-shops make more money. As per our previous point, one-stop-shops get to help more seniors because their diverse service offerings attract a broader range of clients. And more clients also means more potential profit!

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