Small Business Owners Speak Out

It is almost election time, and President Obama and Governor Romney have recently had their second debate of this election season.  At both debates so far, both candidates have presented their plans for the creation of jobs as well as tax cuts and reform.  Both President Obama and Governor Romney are trying to speak to small businesses in their presentations and show the world that small business success is on their presidential agenda.  President Obama has made reference to his 18 tax cuts for small businesses during his term in office, while Governor Romney has repeatedly talked about the importance of championing small businesses in his plan to boost the country’s economy and create jobs for Americans.

For those of us who have careers in home health care, the Affordable Care Act is an important issue of concern that has not been clearly addressed at this point in the presidential debates.  Small business owner and Executive Care co-founder Lenny Verkhoglaz recently was interviewed by the FOX Small Business Center about his feelings on the presidential candidates and their small business agendas.  Lenny, along with many others in the home health care industry, are dissatisfied with the health care reform – particularly the employer mandate.

While Lenny may be in support of Governor Romney winning the Presidential Election, he feels that both candidates needs to speak more about their plan for the Affordable Care Act.  Up to this point, Governor Romney has still not made much mention of how the Affordable Care Act will change once he has taken office.

“I think the law will stay,” says Verkhoglaz. “The machine has started, and I don’t know how difficult it will be for him to start taking that law apart.”

For more about small business owners and their take on the presidential debates, read the full article from FOX Small Business center by clicking here.

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