Skilled Nursing Home Care Franchise FAQ: Top-3 Investor Questions Answered

Skilled Nursing Home Care Franchise FAQ: Top-3 Investor Questions Answered

The demand for skilled nursing home care franchises has never been higher. If you’ve ever thought about investing, the time is now. We explain why and answer the top-3 most common investor questions in today’s post.

Why Start A Skill Nursing Home Care Franchise Instead Of Trying It On My Own?

Though the demand for skilled nursing home care is greater than ever, self-starters face some big obstacles when trying to break into the industry.

When starting a skill nursing home care business on your own, the pre-opening phase could drag on for years. Without insider guidance, acquiring all the right paperwork and insurance can take ages. You’ll also be responsible for building all the skills you need to run this business on your own—management skills, nursing know-how, bookkeeping, marketing, website management, and on and on. Nobody can tell you how long that will take or how much it’ll cost; everybody learns at different rates, has access to different resources, and makes different mistakes along the way, so what takes an Executive Care franchisee a couple months to do could take a self-starter years. All the while, you’re paying out of pocket without any money coming back in.

And even once all that’s in order, you’ll need to figure out how to attract clients in a trust-based industry without a trusted reputation, all while your competition does their best to take your best prospects.

Fortunately, there’s a better route. Starting a skilled nursing home care franchise with Executive Care eliminates all these problems. We take care of your training, set you up with a proven business model, teach you all you need to know about website management and marketing, and give your business national brand name recognition from day-one. Our sleek home-based model also makes it easy to control costs as well as expand in the future.

For more than 15 years, Executive Care has been on the front lines of the skilled nursing home care industry. In that time, we’ve developed a trusted reputation, polished our winning business formula, and honed our training and support services to help business owners make the most of senior care opportunities. And we can help you too!

What Makes A Good Skilled Nursing Home Care Franchise Owner?

Believe it or not, you do not require any formal training or experience in skilled nursing, investing, hiring, or business management to own and operate a skilled nursing home care franchise, thanks to our top-tier training system.

But there are some things you just can’t teach, like personality, attitude, outlook, and integrity.

Though our system works for anyone, it’s not necessarily right for everyone. Having worked with prospects and investors of all types over the years, we’ve developed a shortlist of characteristics we look for in potential candidates:

  • Strong leadership abilities
  • Coachability/readiness to learn
  • Passion for helping others
  • Exceptional time-management skills
  • Management skills (ability to hire, train, and supervise a high-performance team)
  • Ability to multitask
  • Strong ties to local community (or just a willingness to get involved)
  • Commitment to the principles of the Executive Care Franchise system

What Does It Cost To Start A Skilled Nursing Home Care Franchise?

With Executive Care, you can start a skill nursing home care franchise for between $99,650 and $161,900 which includes your franchise fee, recommended operating capital, and other startup costs.

For a complete cost breakdown, territory system overview, and training/support details, visit the Executive Care Franchise Website or call 1 (855) 393-2372 to begin your free consultation.

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