Senior Care Franchises: Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction Research Findings

Today’s post is all about ensuring service quality and customer satisfaction as a senior care franchise owner.

Chang et al. (2011) conducted a meta-analysis of existing findings on the topic of service quality and customer satisfaction, concepts that researchers agreed were highly interchangeable. Using theories by Parasuraman et al. (1985) and Lee (2002), Chang et al. (2011) developed a basic list of ten “service quality dimensions” that can be used to assess your current or prospective senior care franchise (p. 121). We outline five relevant service quality dimensions below.

Service Quality Dimensions for Senior Care Customer Satisfaction:

  • Access to care – One of the most important factors for quality service and customer satisfaction is the client’s perceived access to care. Parasuraman et al. (1985) defined this specifically as the “ease of contacting service firm by telephone” (p. 6-7). Simply put, senior care franchises need to have the proper call center or reception staff infrastructure to ensure that they never miss client calls; when a potential client needs to find care for their loved one, they’re usually not willing to wait around for your company’s convenience!Being part of a national brand with an established franchise infrastructure, Executive Care franchisees never have to worry about missing leads. Prospective clients can always reach our representatives at (888)-963-9133. Our brand website also offers a contact form for instant electronic communications. Check it out for yourself at
  • Communication  – At Executive Care, we emphasize the importance of quality communication, and support this through top-tier training. Our franchisees only open their doors for business once they understand every detail of the job, and the importance of keeping client families informed.
  • Competence – Knowledge and skill of customer-contact personnel is crucial for quality service and customer satisfaction, which is why we invest so much in the training of our employees. In addition to our qualified caretakers, our company roster includes Registered Nurses who can assist with specialized forms of care.
  • Credibility – The trustworthiness of customer-contact personnel is critical for your loved one’s care and comfort, which is why our vetting and background checks are unparalleled in the industry.
  • Responsiveness – The willingness and ability to provide prompt service is critical. Executive Care employees are trained in a dynamic suite of care services, and are carefully selected based on their commitment to fulfilling community care needs.

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