Senior Care Franchises FAQ: Answering Common Prospect Questions

Baby Boomers are aging past 65 in record numbers, creating unprecedented demand for quality home-care services. Are you considering getting started in this booming market?

In today’s post, the Executive Care team answers frequently asked questions about senior care franchise ownership. Read on to learn whether this opportunity is right for you!

Is There More To Your Senior Care Franchise Than Senior Care?

Yes – Executive Care is much more than a senior care company. We offer 10+ services to people of all ages. This allows us to help the maximum amount of people in local communities, whether they need a touch of light housekeeping or intensive live-in care.

From a business perspective, this translates to a greater amount of revenue streams. It also gives you more opportunities to introduce reluctant clients to less intensive forms of care, which lays the foundation for a relationship of trust that they’ll turn to as care needs increase. In fact, a large percentage of our skilled and specialized care clientele were first introduced to the Executive Care team through “light,” non-medical services like housekeeping and companionship.

Franchisees don’t necessarily need to get involved in the care aspects of the business, either. Many people get involved as multi-unit owners or investors, leveraging business management skills to coordinate care for people across America.

Whether you get directly involved in the senior care aspects of our franchise or not, you’ll definitely find something you like with our team!

What Does It Cost To Get Started?

Broadly speaking, the average startup costs for an Executive Care franchisee range between $99,750 and $151,000. This covers all expenses – everything from franchise fee to the travel, lodging, and meals you’ll need to buy during your training. Crucially, this also includes between $44,500 and $68,300 in additional funds and working capital.

Additionally, franchisees will have many opportunities to control start-up costs. For example, there are opportunities to save money on computer equipment, vehicle, and furniture/office supplies depending on where you shop and what you have already.

Furthermore, we offer a number of discount opportunities. Qualified individuals buying multiple territories will enjoy discounted franchise fees: first territories cost $44,900; second territories are reduced to $34,900; and third territories cost only $26,900 – that’s almost $30,000 in savings!

Honorably discharged veterans may also be eligible for financial incentives. Visit for more details.

How Is My Location Decided?

When you join with our senior care franchise, our franchise development team will work with you using state-of-the-art demographics tools to identify the right market location. Once we’ve found the right spot for your new business, you’re given exclusive rights to a territory of contiguous zip codes with healthy household incomes and a population of 500,000 people.

Do I Need A Background In Medicine Or Healthcare To Make This Business Work?

No! Many of our franchisees come from backgrounds in marketing, sales, or operations, while others simply have strong people skills and a willingness to learn. Our training systems are top-tier, and have helped numerous individuals succeed in this industry without a single day of healthcare experience under their belts.

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