Save Time and Money Starting Your Own Home Care Business

Today’s post outlines 4 common mistakes that senior care startups make, and explains how partnering with Executive Care can save you time, money, and aggravation!

Startup Mistake #1: Starting out with an unclear business plan.

Creating and implementing a clear business plan from day-one is critical. As you may have read in Lior Izik’s Entrepreneurial Evolution, you’ll never hit your target until you’ve identified it and begun taking aim.

This is a common sticking point that costs startups considerable time and money. If you’re going at it alone, you have two options: hire a business planner to assist you or learn to do it yourself. The first option is expensive; the second is a total time-sink.

But there’s a third option, of course. Starting your own home care business with Executive Care keeps you in the driver’s seat, but gives you the benefit of a proven and effective business plan to streamline your success and steer you clear of common mistakes.

Startup Mistake #2: Starting your own home care business with unpolished operations.

Disorganized scheduling, customer service flubs, other sloppy operational errors will cost you dozens of potential clients and thousands of dollars early on. Unfortunately, these are part of the process for self-starters, who are often forced to learn some aspects of the business through trial and error. So many first-timers burn through their startup capital trying to correct the mistake they made by failing to design or implement polished internal systems.

Starting your own home care businesses with Executive Care is different. You get access to a battle-tested system that’s been tweaked and fine-tuned by our franchise family since day-one, and led dozens of our franchise owners to success. Moreover, our top-tier training shores up any gaps in your skill set, and members of your franchise family are always standing by to help you early on.

Startup Mistake #3: Launching with insufficient funds.

Starting your own home care business can be done for relatively little, but some owners push it too far. Some people even recommend starting with as little as $900, which is a huge mistake.

This kind of “shoestring startup” probably wouldn’t cover the cost of a reliable vehicle, cell phone, and computer, which is still nowhere near what you need to run a quality senior care service. What about training? Marketing costs? Even a website?

Launching with insufficient funds can completely hamstring your business’s growth. And time is money – consider how catastrophic it would be to tie up your money in a lease on a property, only to realize you can’t afford proper signage, staff hires, or advertising. Now you’re stuck with big monthly payments and a business with no legs.

Be diligent with your research to save wasted time and money. Starting your own home care business through Executive Care eliminates the guesswork – our franchisees need approximately $100,000, and we post full, itemized investment breakdowns for anyone to see at

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