Best Senior Home Care Franchise Opportunity

Take Care of your future helping the Senior Population!

The Home Health Care/Senior Care industry is thriving! In fact, the senior population will grow to over 72 million by 2025 from 42 million today.

Why is this growth Senior Home Health Care so significant?

Nearly 90% of seniors prefer health care in their own home. When compared to the costs associated with a retirement community, Home Health Care can be a very affordable option for many seniors. The client’s quality of life is also enhanced when dignity, privacy and freedom are factored into the treatment program.

Discover the Power of Helping Others with a Senior Care Franchise Opportunity

Since Executive Care was founded in 2004, our mission is to provide compassionate quality Home Health Care services to our clients so that they can remain safe and independent in the comfort of their own home.

We want every client to have a great experience with Executive Care. Every Executive Care owner knows about the importance of providing Executive quality care to their clients and providing strong customer service.

Our core philosophy is very simple: “When you take care of your caregivers and your clients, they will take care of you and your business.”