No Experience? No Problem: How to Start a Home Healthcare Agency in 2018

You want to know how to start a home healthcare agency this year, but you lack experience.

In these circumstances, most people think they have two options: go at it yourself without knowing where to start or give up on your dreams.

Today’s post is all about the third option: starting a home healthcare agency with Executive Care.

Read on to learn how to start a home healthcare agency with no experience.

How to Start a Home Healthcare Agency: Skills You Actually Need

After 14 years helping entrepreneurs learn how to start a home healthcare agency, we’ve figured out what qualities signal future franchise success.

Historically speaking, franchisees with backgrounds in marketing, sales, or operations enjoyed the easiest transitions into the senior care industry. All of these skills come up in a day’s work at Executive Care. Strong people skills are also a must.

Fortunately, these skills are all teachable. Anybody can learn about selling, marketing, and managing, especially with quality coaching and source material like ours.

What really matters is your attitude. We need hard workers with the desire to succeed. Moreover, these people need to be coachable, which means they’re motivated learners who can follow instructions and handle criticism.

If this sounds like you, visit our website to learn how to start a home healthcare agency in full, or read on for a glimpse at the start-up process in your future.

How to Start a Home Healthcare Agency in 8 Simple Steps

  1. Get to know each other. If you’re reading this article, you’re already getting to know us. Maybe you’ve browsed our homepage or read some of our unit reviews on third-party sites.If so, that’s a great start, but we encourage you to reach out and talk to a representative who can answer all of your questions at once. This will save you serious time that would otherwise be spent digging around online, and ensures you get custom, up-to-date info.Besides, we want to get to know you, too!The first thing is to introduce yourself, which we’ll cover in our Introduction Call. This call is all about your background, vision, and business questions.
  2. Get to know the industry. If you’re wondering how to start a home healthcare agency, you’ve probably already read some of the exciting statistics related to our industry. Nonetheless, we are happy to provide authoritative analyses to supplement your existing research. In addition, we take this time to review the Executive Care model, start-up expenses, operating costs, team building, and Franchise Disclosure Document.
  3. Get to know our programs and processes. The Operations, Training, and Support call covers everything from pre-opening programs to on-site coaching perks. Get to know the real value of our system before you sign on.
  4. Get to know our territory system. Territory protections are a major benefit to franchising with Executive Care. At this stage, we overview our demographic formula, territory analysis, and protection system.
  5. Get to know your peers. We give all prospects a chance to contact existing franchise owners and hear their experiences before having to sign. This your opportunity to learn about how owners truly feel about their day-to-day business life.
  6. Get to know our sales and marketing process. We give all prospects a look at the sales and marketing process we use to stand out from the competition. If you have previous experience in this field, this is your chance to evaluate us.
  7. Get to know the team. Once you’ve come this far, it’s time to meet the team, tour headquarters, sign your franchise agreement, and celebrate over dinner with our CEO & Founder.
  8. Get to know what’s possible. It’s time to bring your dream to life. Begin training, embrace our proven system, and enjoy your smooth journey to senior care franchise success!

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