New Developments for Franchisee Success

There is more to franchisee support than being there to answer questions. We, at Executive Care, believe that support is an on-going process that is there, not just to help with current matters, but to also develop new programs for franchisees.

In an industry where rules and regulations can change overnight (and are different in every state) it is important to keep up and ahead. That’s why we have already implemented new programs to help our franchisee succeed in 2015 and beyond!

Here are some of the new programs that we are implementing:

  • Veterans

We’ve partnered with the AVCC to provide home care to veterans. This program allows us to provide care to veterans who, otherwise, may not be able to get the care they need. This is not only a way to increase business, but another way to help the communities that we live in.

  • Tax credits

We hire many people on a regular basis, and we’ve found a program that will help franchisees receive Federal Tax Credits for each new hire.

  • Recruitment

This business requires employees, but sometimes reaching the proper people can be difficult, which is why we started working with, and are now encouraging all our franchisees to work with them as well.

  • SEO

While word of mouth is the best way to market this business, online visibility is an important piece as well. From working with multiple companies, we’ve learned that the best kind of SEO for this business is local SEO, that’s why we’ve created a program with the help of Town Target to increase visibility for all our franchisees.

We are always on the lookout for new programs, partners and developments that we can share with our franchisees. Our support system is more than just helpdesk tickets, we’re invested in the success of each and every one of our franchisees!

If you’re interested in a home care franchise, visit our franchise site to learn more about Executive Care!

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