Three Common Mistakes Seasoned Home Care Franchisees Make


Veteran home care franchisees are not immune to making mistakes, in fact, they can be prone to error if given enough time. One of those mistakes is not having the right team in place. As franchises grow and owners want to delegate more responsibility, having proper staff becomes key, but  problems can occur if they don’t have the right people to fill the roles. Another mistake is plateauing in growth. Franchisees should always have expansion in mind, but sometimes veterans don’t know or aren’t sure about what steps they need to take to ensure growth continues. In this instance, franchisees can turn to franchisors for help and ideas. The third common mistake is complacency. Veterans can become comfortable and continue to fall back on the same programs and processes, and rely less on new ideas and programs introduced by franchisors. Keeping franchisees involved in processes and decisions is a good way to keep them engaged with new innovations.

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