Marketing and Startups

When starting a new business, franchise or not, one of the most important things to do is market your brand, but most of the time, marketing falls to the end of the priority list. So why does this happen if marketing is so crucial to new businesses?

  • In many instances, new business owners have never done any marketing work before, and therefore do not understand it. This can make is difficult for them to realize the value of marketing, and the role is plays in generating business.
  • Marketing costs money, money that new businesses are reluctant to spend. Marketing is only beneficial when sales outweigh the marketing costs, but this only works if marketing is actually implemented.
  • New businesses have so many other things going on, like sales, business development, and hiring that marketing usually falls to the end of that list.
  • New business owners find it difficult to know if the marketing is working. Many business try to gauge the success of a marketing campaign by a physical action, like website visits, phone calls, emails, leads or sales, and when this does not happen they doubt the effectiveness.
  • In many cases a marketer must be hired, whether it is in-house or a consultant. The difficulty here is who to hire, what qualifications do they need to have? How is the person’s performance measured?

Marketing can be a ‘necessary evil’, it takes time and money but in the end it will help grow your business. Whether a new business owner, or a franchisee, marketing is something that everyone will need to do.

At Executive Care, we provide our franchisees with a detailed marketing agenda and plan to be followed. We know that marketing can de difficult, especially in an unfamiliar industry, so we support our franchises in all of their marketing efforts.

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