Local Organizations Help Local Businesses

On December 7th, Mila Feldman, Co-Founder of Executive Care, was inducted as a board member of the Community Resource Council (CRC). The CRC is an organization that brings together agencies and individuals with the “commitment to promoting the health and well-being of the people of Bergen County, New Jersey”.

Executive Care is proud to work with the CRC and their local endeavors.

These local connections are the most important, especially for the home care industry. Home care is a very community based business and depends greatly on connections and word of mouth.

Local organizations, like the CRC, offer great resources to local businesses and help expand client base. It is an especially good resource for new businesses because it can introduce you to new local connections.

If you are interested in opening a home care franchise in your community, visit https://franchise.executivehomecare.com/ to see if an Executive Care franchise is right for you.

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