Is It Too Late to Start My Own Senior Care Business?

Is It Too Late to Start My Own Senior Care Business?

Is it too late to start my own senior care business?

In short, no. In fact, there’s never been a better time. Today’s post runs down 3 reasons why that is.

Aging Trends Show There Has Never Been A Better Time To Start Your Own Senior Care Business

In 2019, the demand for senior care solutions has never been higher.

As the elderly population grows and people live longer, families across America will turn to senior care businesses like yours to help their aging parents maintain their independent lifestyles.

And thanks in large part to the rapid expansion of the baby boom cohort, America’s senior population has grown bigger than ever before, and it’s showing no signs of stopping. By 2030, 1 in 5 Americans will be over the age of 65–that’s 20% of the total population!

2030 is still over a decade away, which means you’ve got more than 10 years to establish yourself before the “Silver Tsunami” climbs to these new heights.

But even businesses that open their doors well after 2019 will enjoy incredible demand spikes for the foreseeable future: according to the  Population Reference Bureau report, “Aging in the United States,” the total senior population will have doubled again by 2060.

In other words, you’re in no danger of missing your opportunity to “get in on the ground floor” of this thriving industry. Those who act now will start profiting sooner, but the booming demand for senior care is here to stay.

Technology Is Helping–not Hurting–the Senior Care Business

There have been some concerns that major advances in senior assistive technology could reduce the need for caregivers, but this is overstated at best. In reality, the rise of new assistive technologies is only helping the increasing acceptance of home care services and making senior care more effective. Besides, even in the distant future when robot caregivers could be viable, there’s nothing that competes with real compassion and the human touch!

Don’t let technology scare you away from profitable and rewarding senior care business opportunities. This industry is in no danger of being made redundant by caregiving tech.

No Medical Training Or Senior Care Experience Required

Think you need medical training or senior care experience to start your own senior care business? Think again. Executive Care offers comprehensive training and ongoing support that ensures you implement our proven business model and franchise system in ways that help you meet your career goals and provide the best possible care for your community.

Take Andy Corbett from Clearwater, Florida for example. You may recognize his story from his 2016 testimonial video, which got a lot of shares on social media and generated plenty of buzz on senior care forums.

Prior to starting his own senior care business, Andy was a produce manager at a grocery store for 28 years. He had no senior care experience and had already spent a huge chunk of his best working years in an unrelated industry.

But it wasn’t too late for Andy. Our training and franchise system built on his existing management skills and set him up for success in an exciting new career.

Everyone has to start somewhere. Why not start here, today, with a free senior care business consultation?

Start A Free Senior Care Business Consultation

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