Investment, Experience, or Attitude? Spotlighting the #1 Factor for Senior Care Franchise Success

Investment, Experience, or Attitude Spotlighting the #1 Factor for Senior Care Franchise Success

Today’s post spotlights the #1 most important factor for senior care franchise success. And the answer might surprise you.

Is experience the difference maker for senior care success?

Starting with the least important factor for your senior care franchise success, let’s talk about experience. To be clear, this is about the individual investors’ experience – not the cumulative experience of our company, which has been leading the industry since 2004.

So, should you focus on building relevant experience? Where does that factor into the “senior care steps to ownership” plan?

Without a doubt, the senior care industry requires a robust skill set which can only be earned through smart training and real-world experience.

Admittedly, many of these skills can be acquired through experience in other careers. For example, you’ll gain many of the staff management and customer service skills you’d learn in our training through traditional managerial experience. Similarly, you can learn a lot of the back-office skills you’ll need working at office jobs, marketing firms, and bookkeeping businesses. And obviously nurses and homecare workers will have a head-start over complete newbies when it comes to actually providing care.

And yet, while these skills and experiences will make certain aspects of your training a little easier, they’re 100% not required. With the help of our premium training and support services, our system has transformed dozens of unskilled entrepreneurs into leading senior care providers.

Our owners come from diverse backgrounds. Take Andy Corbett from Clearwater, Florida as an example:

Andy was a produce manager at a grocery store before getting involved with Executive Care. Experience was not a factor for his success in completing the senior care steps to ownership.

Is the investment level the key to senior care success?

Money is always an important consideration, but once you’ve “paid to play,” your level of investment shouldn’t be the thing that decides your likelihood of success. Admittedly, enterprise-level investors are operating at a different level of business, and thus will use different resources, but that’s not to say higher investments are in any way correlated with success.

At Executive Care, all franchisees get the same access to our marketing, training, support, and back-office services. Broadly speaking, they’re also all running their businesses out of the same “playbook,” with equal access to our operational systems and processes.

For single unit franchise owners, your senior care steps to ownership begin when you muster up a $100,000 investment. This figure includes $44,500 to $68,300 of your own working capital, which will be retained as liquidity. Few franchise opportunities compare in terms of offering low start-up and massive potential ROI. You can get a fully itemized breakdown of what you’re paying for here.

But once you’ve paid your start-up fees, the onus is still on you to perform. You can’t throw money at an unsuccessful business and hope it turns around. The key to success is something less material, more intrinsic.

Attitude is altitude!

The real key to success has nothing to do with money or experience. It’s all about the attitude you bring when you sign on to our senior care steps to ownership and begin your training.

What kind of attitude are we looking for?

  • Positivity
  • Ambition
  • The motivation and desire to succeed
  • Coachability
  • Ability to work with others
  • Compassion

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